Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Musings

Okay, so how did your weekend go? Mine went way too fast. From date night on Friday night to Write out Blog Posts Sunday night, woosh!

Some thoughts on the events:

1. Yay for Phil Mickelson winning The Masters for the third time. I have to say, I'm heartily weary of all the Tiger Woods hype. Before his affairs became water-cooler fodder, I wondered if the announcers were being paid by the mention. No matter where Tiger was on the leaderboard, the focus was always on him. He could be twenty shots off the lead and the camera spent more time on his round than on the leaders. Then a five-month fiasco of a hiatus from golf while his LOADS of dirty laundry were aired around the world. During that time off, golf announcers on tv had nothing to talk about. There were a lot of awkward silences, and even (I'm not making this up) some references to "A certain famous golfer who isn't in the field today." Now that Tiger's back, the announcers are once again mentioning his name every other minute. Sigh. I do enjoy watching golf, but not when such blatant idolatry is going on.

2. Spring Cleaning Fever hit here. Scrubbing the gasket on the fridge door and chasing dust bunnies behind the tv and under my printer. I also organized my bookshelf and reshelved the tower of books that had been growing on my bedside table.

3. I really enjoy the tv show Castle. I have the first season on DVD, and we watched some episodes in the evenings this weekend.

4. I love my church. Sunday School is wonderful! We're going through the book of Romans. I know Pastor Kevin intended us to move much quicker through the chapters (we're in about week five and only half way through chapter 2) but the slow, expositional study suits me down to the ground! Also, last night was our women's Bible study. We had two new ladies who brought such a fresh viewpoint and were such great reminders of the beautiful grace and provision of God in our lives. We're studying in the Psalms, using Nancy Leigh DeMoss's 30 Day Walk in the Psalms, and it's like drinking cool, clear, refreshing water after being in a parched desert.

So, how was your weekend? Are you refreshed and ready to dive into this week? Have you done any spring cleaning yet?


  1. Totally 100% agree about Tiger Woods....and he said JC out loud on public television as a curse. I's the world we live in. But MAN using that word as a swear word has to be my number one pet peeve...I just really can't stand it. that I'm done venting....

    I keep hearing about this Castle show and I've never watched a single episode. Maybe I should.

    We did some spring cleaning as well!

  2. Weekend went by way too fast. Spring cleaning bug needs to hit the basement. Had a Supernatural marathon with The Young One. Missed you on IM.

  3. Ah, the weekend. Where did it go? I was able to watch about 10 minutes of the Masters. Got to hear Tiger shout, after teeing off (quite poorly, I might add) on the 13th hole on Sunday afternoon, before about 30 million viewers (that's a complete guess), "G#%, Tiger, hit it off (I missed this part so it's not completely accurate here), J@%$& C@%$^@!" And I thought he was Buddhist. For a practicing Buddhist (and trust me, they need lots and lots of practice), he certainly seemed familiar with Christian names for God. Oh well.

    Saturday was spent dealing with a terribly irritable stomach. Lots of pain; ate about 500 or less calories worth of food; didn't make it hurt any less, but didn't make it hurt more either. All better now, though.

    Can't tell you how encouraging it is to hear you, and others (even via Facebook) talk about their love for the church (ours and theirs). She is the Bride of Christ, after all, and to not love her is to not love what Christ loves. Oh, if only more people would recognize that.

    Well, enough with the "preaching"; time to get to work on my sermon!

  4. I had a very busy weekend. My son was in the state Geo Bee on Friday so we drove down to Kalamazoo for him to participate, went to a museum, ate out dinner, then drove home. Then Saturday my boys went fishing and "hunting" and grunting and all that other boy stuff. I tried to write, went to lunch with my daughters and friends. And overall, had a very fun but busy weekend!

  5. I'm really digging into the spring cleaning. LOVE it. I love to reorganize. This sounds a little weird, but there are times when it's the only thing I have control of =P

    As to we really need the volume on? Hee hee. It had to be said.

  6. I need to do some spring cleaning, but I also needed a nap yesterday :)

  7. I haven't done any spring cleaning yet, but while I was napping on Saturday, Ben did :) He cleaned out flowerbeds and everything. Yay for great husbands!

  8. I'm refreshed! I spring cleaned my kitchen a few weeks ago. Woo-hoo! And I'm sick of Tiger. The new Nike ad seemed terribly exploitive and wrong.

  9. No cleaning here, but my weekend still went fast. ;-)
    I'm glad I don't watch tv. The media drives me nuts!

  10. I agree, yay for Phil! Speedy but good weekend here.