Friday, April 02, 2010

The Good Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:

Five things I love about Easter Weekend.

1. The Good Friday Service at church. Next to the Christmas Eve service, I think I love the Good Friday service the best. A somber reflection on the death of Christ for our sins, and yet, through it all, there is a supressed joy, because though it might be Friday night...Sunday's Coming!

2. Easter Music. Can you have an Easter service without singing "Christ Arose"? I remember Bill Tucker, the fine tenor man who lead the singing in the church I grew up in. We'd be so somber and sad in the opening lines of the song, then KABOOM! Up From The Grave He Arose would belt out. Bill would wave his arm in cadence, and he'd stand on tiptoe, as if that would make the song even more powerful.

3. Sweet dresses on the little girls in the church, and the little extra dressing up we all seem to do in honor of the resurrection.

4. Easter lillies. They smell heavenly, look wonderful, and are as fitting as holly and pine at Christmas.

5. Okay, I'll admit it. I like Easter candy. Pastel M&M's and chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and malted-milk eggs. We usually get together with my SIL and her family, and though our kids are in high school and college, they still have an Easter Egg hunt. :)

What do you love about Easter weekend?


  1. Easter was one of the few times my family went to church when I was little and I used to love when we'd sing The Lord of the Dance. It is still one of my favorite songs. I also love painting Easter eggs and hiding them (a family tradition carried on).

    Happy Easter.
    ~ Wendy

  2. This year, it will be warm enough to enjoy morning tea in the sun room. Not sure if I'll be up in time to see the sun rise. And since we celebrated the holiday last weekend with my family, Sunday will be a leisurely day and no ham. I'm sick of ham. A blessed Easter to you and your family if I don't catch you this weekend.

  3. I try soooo hard to downplay the secular parts of Easter, but it's a battle, especially with well-meaning family members =P Last year my (then) 4 y.o. was concerned that the Easter bunny might have rabies. Favorite part? Discussing with my kids the real meaning, and thinking how huge God's grace is, and how thankful I am for Jesus taking the hit for us. That's Love!

  4. Every year I read through the Gospels sometime between Christmas and Easter. God's love and power really are impossible to describe. If I had to choose one thing to represent Easter I would choose Up From the Grave He Arose!

    He is Risen! Happy Easter!

  5. Either I announced what we were doing this evening, or you're the daughter of a prophet and called it. There will the be the somber portion of the service as we remember the agony He endured on our behalf. But then there will be the joyous portion as we realize the glory and majesty of the cross as well. Lots of singing, both with piano and a capella (I really like that... at least if its songs we know well), dimmed lights (I think the weather will cooperate – rainy and very cloudy), the last Lenten wreath candle snuffed out (only to see all re-lit on Sunday morning!! hallelujah). Oh, if only about 100 or more people would attend to take in the experience, but more importantly, to take in Jesus!

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I'm looking forward to the Good Friday service with the Lenten wreath. I'd never heard of a Lenten wreath before, but we have one in church this year.

    And even though I'm a teenager, I'm also looking forward to the Easter egg hunt. :D Remember the one pink egg that we didn't find until next year? lol


  7. I love it all! Coloring eggs, snacking on candy all day, but best of all the sunrise church service. Have a wonderful Easter!