Friday, April 09, 2010

The Friday Five

This is a picture of my husband's grandfather, the man he was named after. He loved horses.

As a girl, I loved all things horse-related. I read dozens of books about horses.

So, today, here are some of my favorite horse books I read as a child:

1. Arabian Cow Horse by John Richard Young.

2. Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.

3. The Black Stallion by Walter Farley.

4. The Christmas Horse by Glenn Balch.

5. Spring Comes Riding by Betty Cavanna.

So, any horse lovers out there? Do any of these books look familiar? Did you have a favorite horse book as a child?


  1. Read Black Beauty. In 6th grade, Charlie read us a story about a horse named Blaze, but I don't remember the title of the story

  2. Rachel Overton7:25 AM

    I loved horse stories too. All the Black Stallion series. Read Misty, The Black Stallion, more. CJ, was Blaze about a horse that pulled a fire wagon? I remember something like that.

    I loved anything by Betty Cavanna, but I don't remember a horse story by her. Man, I missed out! :-)

  3. How lame am I? I don't think I read any horse books as a kid! {ducking}

  4. My son LOVES horses. I'm need to start looking for some horse books for him.

  5. Rachel, get your hands on Spring Comes will love it! And you might recognize a little bit of Josie in the main character, Meg.

    Yesterday, I got to see (and pet--Squee!) a genuine Chincoteague pony. I wish I could've picked up the phone and called my best friend from elementary school to tell her. We lived, breathed, dreamed, and played Misty stories all through our time as inmates at Hageman Elementary School. :)

  6. Oh yeah! The Black Stallion was my favorite. I spent all of my allowance buying the series whenever I could!

  7. Is it bad I don't remember reading any horse books as a child? :)