Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Cooking Thursday

Today is the first day of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Go Jayhawks!!!!

I thought today's quick cooking recipe should be some party food, just in case you're hosting some folks for a basketball game or two.

Rye Bread and dip.

My mom used to make this for the New Year's Day party, and I loved it. I'm going to fix it for New Year's this year.

Take a large round loaf of Rye Bread and hollow out a cylinder about five inches around so the loaf looks like a giant donut. Open a container of Dill Dip and set it in the hole. Tear the removed bread into bite-sized chunks and place around the base of the loaf of bread on a platter. Folks can dip the bread chunks into the Dill Dip. Voila! It's so yummy!
Question for you: Do you watch the tournament? Do you fill out the brackets?


  1. What tournament? What's a bracket?
    (-; Today's Zorphbert and Fred Wed comic is for you.

  2. Fill out what brackets? :o) Enjoy the tournament.

  3. We have a family tournament complete with a trophy that gets the winner's name added each year.

    I've got Kansas winning only because it worked out on paper. While I'd like to see them win, I'm just not sure.

    Isn't this the best time of the year? March Madness? Baseball starting soon? :D

  4. CJ – hilarious comic! Very Erica. Can you imagine if Kansas were losing to the #16 seed in the first half? You'd hear her screams of anguish all the way to Boston!

    Linda - shame on you. Now, as punishment, you must choose all four #16 seeds for your Final Four

    Two years ago, we put all 64 names in a hat and just drew them out at random, all for Sorensens. I ended up with 3 of the 4 #1 Seeds. Jonathan's teams were out, pretty much by round two (gloom and despair were even more noticable for a while). Elizabeth, who usually could care less about such things, was her usual Drama Queen self whenever one of her teams lost. By the Elite Eight, she was done too. So, it was down to Ann and me. Of course, the one team she had left by the time the Final Four came around? Kansas.

    And in case you don't know who won two years ago, just ask Erica. She won't gloat at all... will you?

  5. I think my hubby fills that stuff out. I have zero interest in b-ball {ducking}. I am a football girl through and through.

  6. CJ, that comic is hilarious. And I bet that's pretty much what I look like.

    Sally, I agree, it's the best time of the year. WGN is showing Cubs commericals. :)

    Kevin, did you divide the brackets again this year?

    Georgiana, I'm wearing a Chiefs' jersey while I watch college B-ball...:) the best of both worlds. (Well, the Chiefs aren't the best...)