Friday, March 05, 2010

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:

Five things I remember about first grade.

1. Learning to read in my head. This was such a revelation to me. I could read without speaking the words aloud.

2. Drawing a picture of a siamese cat that so impressed my art teacher that she framed it.

3. My teacher, Mrs. Williams, had blue and white checked pants, and very sticky red lipstick. And a beehive hairdo.

4. Being reminded on a fairly regular basis when using Elmer's glue that "A Dot Does A Lot."

5. Being sick with the flu and missing two weeks of school, then going back only half days until I was stronger.

What do you remember from First Grade?


  1. I remember my teacher reading Mrs. Piggly Wiggly. Oh I loved those books!! I also remember going to MRs. Detmering, a reading specialist teacher. They thought I had dyslexia.

  2. I know those books, Katie. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle--or is that the store, or did you write the store? I digress...

    Oh, first grade--Mrs. Fagan. My mom packed sunflower seeds in my lunch every day and Mrs. Fagan would come by with her wrinkled hand and snatch some up off my desk. It made me feel so special.

    And sometimes we'd see her in the grocery store.

    Finally, right before graduating high school she invited all her first graders back to say goodbye. I was one of two students who went to see her. What a teacher! What a sunflower snatcher!

    Thanks for the memories.
    ~ Wendy

  3. I loved my first grade teacher. I felt so grown up going to school. I lost my first tooth in a cheese sandwich in first grade.

  4. The press. oh, and the chubby crayola 8's! and Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff, and Spot

  5. I remember two things.

    1. Getting in trouble and my teacher talking to me in the hall and my dad, also a teacher at the school, walking by and seeing me there. :/

    2. The hostages being released in either '79 or '80. That's my first outside world memory.

  6. Great question!
    First, I adored my teacher. :-) Second, I remember a tornado drill and having to go in the boys' bathroom which stunk so bad I thought I'd throw up. I remember being told we were going to fly to different countries and eat food and then being really disappointed when it was just a game where we sat on the floor. Heh.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. I loved school but I remember being disappointed that learning to read didn't happen instantaneously the first day. I'd been told I'd learn to read at school and I expected to dive right into the readers that were lined up on a shelf.

  8. I remember being the leader of my reading group, and helping the other kids who couldn't read as well. I felt so important.