Monday, March 29, 2010

College Life

This last Friday, our family attended a Spring Preview Day at the college my daughter will be attending this fall.
This was such a wonderful day for us. My husband and son got their first view of the school. I have to say, it's a beautiful campus, bordered by a lake on three sides, mellow brick buildings, a new arts/theatre building, new athletic building, and they just broke ground on a new Christian Leadership Center building that will house classrooms, administration, and student leadership and development offices.
We took the whole tour, got to meet other students, staff, and parents, and got the bottom line scoop from the business department. The bottom line? School costs a lot more than it once did.
As we progress through this spring and summer, we're getting closer to the time when our girl will leave home. A big step for her, a big step for us. As I sat in the chapel service (Ruth Graham was the speaker- AWESOME!) I realized that one of the hardest things about being a parent with an about-to-be-launched child, is that as she goes away to college, she will become more and more HER, and less and less, US. While she will be growing personally, mentally, and emotionally by leaps and bounds, establishing more firmly the woman God wants her to be, we will stay here, as we are, watching from the sidelines. We'll support as we can, and as she will allow us, but the journey from here on out is hers.
What happened to the time? It was only yesterday I held that pink bundle in the hospital and wondered if I was cut out for the task of being somebody's MOTHER.


  1. Erica! This makes me a little weepy. I can't imagine that day with Brogan. Yet I know it will be here before I know it.

  2. I can't believe our girls are finishing high school and will be starting college. Seems like yesterday I was ranting to you about the 6th grade Roman fair!

  3. Your post makes me glad mine is staying here! Yikes. College DOES cost so much more than it used to and that is kind of frightening.

  4. And now you have your answer. You are a good mother, about to launch a beautiful young lady to the world. It will be exciting to see how God uses her and her special gifts. The dynamics at home will change, but in your heart she will always be your girl and she will continue to bring you joy.

  5. She's going to do awesome! I understand your nervousness about her becoming more and more herself. I'm definitely now more like my husband than I am my parents, and I think about that sometimes with McKenna.

  6. Oh, you make me want to cry! I'm a few years off from this, but I know they'll fly by.

    I hope you enjoy all the days until she leaves!