Monday, February 01, 2010

You know you're a writer when...And A Winner!

You know you're a writer when...
1. Someone puts your book up for sale on eBay.
Through Google Alerts, I was notified that my name had appeared on eBay. Someone was selling my debut release at auction. The ink is hardly dry yet, and already at least two sellers have put it up on an internet auction site.
2. Someone tells you they found a typo in your book.
After it has been printed, after you can do anything about it.
3. Someone tells you they liked your book a lot...except for _____________.
Fill in the blank. The important thing is, don't argue with the reader. They know what they like. Respond graciously, thank them for taking the time to read the book and contacting you.
Good times.
Also, using the mystical powers of, a winner was drawn for Stephanie Morrill's Out With The In Crowd.
And the winner is:
Congratulations, CJ.
Question: Was there an occurance, an interaction with someone, or an epiphanal moment when you thought, "Yup, I'm a writer."


  1. Wow...your book on eBay! Wow! So are you going to keep up with the auction? ;)

  2. Great way to start the week! Thanks! Cool! Your book on eBay! Epiphanal moment? Yeah, the one where I lost the bet!

  3. Getting an email from my agent that she submitted my book to eight publishers. I really felt like a writer than.

    How much is TBB going for on ebay, anyway?:)

  4. I'm always amazed at what people will say and not even realize that it might have been slightly hurtful. You're a good person to thank them anyway. I loved your book, by the way. It is in my daughter's room because she hopes to finish it.

    I felt like a writer when Keli Gwyn asked if she could interview me. It will be on her site this week, 2/4.

  5. Nope, I still question it sometimes when a break from it drags on. I definitely don't call myself an author, though, like you can call yourself, Erica.

    Congrats on the ebay news. Awesome!

  6. Yuck...not looking forward to that stuff when my book comes out!!

    I started calling myself a writer when other people in the writing community read my stuff and thought it was good....I'd joined a writers group and also placed in a few flash fiction contests...before that though...I could not call myself a writer.

    I started calling myself an author when I signed my book contract. To me, the two are very different titles.

  7. Thanks for the warning. I can't wait to have that kind of trouble! :)

  8. How cool! Except for the... Ha! Ha!

    I knew I was a writer when I walked into my first RWA chapter meeting. Surrounded by women just like me? Obsessed with books and writing them? Heaven!

  9. That's cool about your book on eBay. I feel like a writer when I'm researching a book or trying to work to a deadline. And I definitely feel like a writer when I'm blogging because everyone is so supportive.

  10. I feel like a writer when I catch myself daydreaming about my story when I'm driving. *grin*
    Sorry to hear your book's for sale. LOL I thought about selling my books, but now that I know all these authors I'm afraid they might see it and feel bad. LOL

    I'm with Sherrinda. You should keep up and even offer to autograph it for the lucky winner. ROFL!

  11. Well, just found out Ann was the one who found the typos. That's what happens when she proof-reads my stuff too... I just don't go and get anything published! Sorry 'bout that. I'll try to keep her in check with book number two! :)

  12. No worries, Kevin, and none to Ann either. It was one of those 'writer' moments. :)

  13. LOL, Erica. I look forward to the day my book's on E-Bay.

    A lot of writers seem annoyed when they hear people are buying their books used rather than new, but for a lot of people that's a safer, cheaper way to try out a new author. And if they like you, they'll probably by all your new stuff after that. I know I found Terri Blackstock that way.