Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's recipe is a quick and easy yummy cornbread.
I'm not a fan of the grainy texture of cornbread. There's just not enough butter or honey to cover that grit.

But, I've found a way around it. :)
You'll need one box of Jiffy Cornbread Mix and one box of Jiffy Yellow Cake Mix.
Prepare the batter for each according to the box directions, then mix them together and pour into a 9x13 pan. Bake them at the temperature on the cake box, but you'll need to add extra time for the baking due to the double recipe. Keep a watch on it, and if it cracks slightly on the top, and begins to brown, you'll know it's done. Take it out too early and it will fall in the middle. Meh.


  1. I love cornbread especially when it tastes more like cake. Mmmmm

  2. I may have to give this a try! Thanks:)

  3. I believe it was Mark Lowry who said that in the North, they serve cornbread so dry it'll suck 90% of the moisture right out of your body; in the south, they do it right. They make it almost like cake and serve it up with honey poured all over it.

    Erica, were you raised in the south (of Kansas)?

  4. Just what I need--more cake! =P

  5. I grew up on cornbread--every meal. My husband is thrilled when he can mush his cornbread and peas all together. I'll pass there... LOL

    Okay so what is this recipe supposed to be? Cake or cornbread? I'm not too crazy about sweet cornbread, but I do like to pile on the butter. The cornbread mixes destroyed cornbread as I know it. It's best from scratch but I haven't met anyone who knows how to fix good cb from scratch anymore.

  6. Erica, find a package of Marie Calendar's cornbread mix. It's like cake! It's the best cornbread I've ever had.