Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Time to tackle those goals

Beginning of a new month, and in the early part of a year, it's time to evaluate those 2010 writing goals.
1. Write Before the Dawn. This is the next book I need to finish. I've got a solid outline, and a rough draft, but I'm writing it from scratch, since I've learned a lot since I first penned this story. I've put up a new word counter to chart my progress.
2. Write A Light To My Path. Book two. All I have of this one is a one paragraph summary, a setting, and a hero.
3. Write Stars In Her Eyes. Book three. All I have of this one is a one paragraph summary and a setting.
4. Write a proposal for another book, one I want to pitch at the ACFW Conference. This is a book I've been thinking about for a long time. I've found some really fun things to include. I love Minnesota history.
5. Blog five days a week. I love my blog, and my blog readers.
6. Attend the ACFW Conference in Indianapolis in September. At the moment, the plan is for the DH and the boy to go with me and make a bit of a vacation out of the trip. (Alas, by this time the girl will be at college and unable to go with us.)
7. Assist with the Heartsong Connections blog. I'm really enjoying this new blogging venture. I'm hoping it gains popularity with Heartsong readers.
8. Accomplish whatever editing tasks cross my desk with the books in the pipeline. Usually, I forget to factor these into my schedule, and when I least expect it, content edits or copy edits or galley proofs show up and I have to get them turned around.
Question: Are you a goal setter? Do you write out your goals?


  1. I'm a seat of the pants goal tender. Most days, I just try to dance as good and fast as I can.

  2. I am in awe of you, Erica. You get so much down, woman! You're like super girl! :)

    My goals:

    - Finish Wishing on Willows (get it to you and eventually, RAchelle)

    - Outline and write the rough draft of book 5

    - Blog 3 days a week

    - Attend the ACFW conference!

  3. That's some list!

    Yes, I usually write mine out. When something is on paper it makes me more makes it more real somehow.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Wow, what a list! Sometimes I write things down. LIke chores to be done. LOL
    But so far I haven't had to write book stuff down. Maybe someday, when I'm as busy as you. :-)
    Have fun with all that!

  5. I have one word for you: WOW!

  6. Wow, you get so much done. And you're so organized about it, too!

    I am not very good at long term goals so I try to set them on a weekly basis.

  7. You go, girl! I love reading your goals because they inspire me to get more accomplished. I love goals, and I live by lists :D