Friday, February 26, 2010

The Friday Five

I'm feeling like a bit of a slacker these days.

Here are five things I've been putting off doing until...I'm not sure when...spring?

1. Cleaning out the van. It needs a vacuuming in the worst way.

2. Going through my son's closet and taking out all the stuff he's outgrown and sorting it for the rag-bag or give away.

3. Reorgainizing the pantry. I like to do this every few months, just to make sure everything is rotated in and out in a timely manner.

4. Going through my homeschool materials and evaluating what I will need for next year and what I need to list on eBay.

5. Dusting. My whole house. I spot dust here and there, but the whole house could use a good dusting. Baseboards, door panels, fan blades, lamp shades.

So, what are you putting off?


  1. I've been putting off a few things for a while ...

    1. Sorting digital photos to print and filling various albums.

    2. Sewing the hems on the jeans and trousers I bought my husband a year ago!

    3. A medical test (it's not only men who put these things off ...)

    4. Recycling lots of old paperwork, uni notes, etc.

    5. Chasing up my lost superannuation, all $24 of it!

    Maybe we're not slackers, just selective with our perfectionism and diligence! No time for that now though, we're off camping in the morning.
    Cheers, Vanessa

  2. Oh, I need to clean out closets and throw away STUFF!

    I need to finish editing my book. I found that I don't like editing and so it is hard to make myself do it. (I want to start something new, but know if can't make myself edit, then I am not a real writer!)

    Buy some groceries. Yep. Should have done it last weekend, but I didn't. It's amazing how much food I have stored up and can use! lol

  3. Here. Here. I went on and on in a post the other day about all the ways I've grown over the past year, but learning to be more of a cleaner certainly isn't one of them.

    I loved your Twitter comment! :D

    I have some jam (or something of the like) stuck to the back of my fridge and I have avoided cleaning it for weeks. Weeks! Tidy, yes. Clean...not so much.

    Have a great weekend.
    BTW, I love the bear. Bears are my favorite.
    ~ Wendy

  4. LOLOLOL!!! LOVE the graphic to go with your post. It's so easy to start putting things off at this stage in the winter. I guess I've been putting off getting back into the exercise routine after a few weeks off.

  5. Erica, I went through my closet a few days ago. It was the best feeling to weed out all the stuff that's old or doesn't fit. I do need to tackle the kids' closets, but I'm thrilled to have done mine!

    I need to reorganize my pantry, wash my mini-van, and tidy my office.

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. I can relate to your list, especially the van and the dusting. But the way I look at it is I might as well wait til the dry part of spring to vac out the van. And wait until I put the humidifier away to do some serious dusting. Still working on excuses for the rest of my list :0)

  7. My list is too long to post, but housework is the worst. Now that I'm writing full time, my housework gets neglected. It's funny, the other day someone told me they heard I was a clean freak. I burst out laughing! My husband asked me this morning if I was a clean freak, how come my kitchen floor is so dirty. I told him I was trying to break my clean freak image.

  8. Putting off list is probably bigger than to do list :P

    But anything to do with housework - I am putting it off

  9. Didn't someone post the other day the sign of a clean house is a broken computer? :-" Love that bear!

  10. I've been putting off a good thorough dusting through the whole house. Like you, I dust areas but need to hit the lampshades and heater vents, etc. Family coming from NJ in April, so will aim for then:) Oh yeah, and the kitchen floor needs to be mopped, and the car needs vacuuming. The list goes on. I miss the help from my three kids (all homeschool grads, btw) - I assigned various cleaning jobs each week. Got a lot done that way, but my two sons have moved out and one busy daughter remains. She helps when she can. Although I miss their help, they have carried cleaning skills with them. Thanks for tolerating my ramblings and musings! Off to clean...
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. Cleaning windows!! It didn't happen in the fall and on the rare sunshiny winter days I hate looking through the film and fingerprints. It's those moments when the rays are trying to filter through that I long to be a best-selling author so I can afford a housekeeper. I know, I know... it isn't realistic, but it's a reason to dream.

  12. OH MY GOSH.

    I am putting off doing anything but writing lately. If I say that five times does it count?

    Your list frightened me. It made me think of all the things I haven't done a very long time.

    Soon spring will be here and the sun will shine, exposing my sins.


  13. Sherrinda, I needed a spew alert on that post.

    "If I don't edit then I am not a real writer."

    We need to get together. I like editing. I could edit a blank piece of paper for days.