Friday, February 12, 2010

The Friday Five

Five reasons I will be glad when spring comes:
1. No more chapped lips. I've got the humidifier going 24/7, and I'm drinking lots of water, and I think I've single-handedly put Chap-Stick into the black this year, but nothing's working.
2. Dry skin. I'm practically drinking lotion, but my skin's still dry.
3. The Minnesota Boot Bang. Every time I get into the car, I hit my boot against the running board to kick off the snow and muck and mush.
4. Layers. Coats, socks, boots, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves. I miss my red sandals.
5. Color. I miss the color green.
What are you looking forward to about spring???
A shout out to my baby brother today. Happy Birthday, Nathan!!!


  1. Try Eucerin lotion. Was recommended by The Eldest's dermatologist. Really works! What do I miss most? The sun room. Happy Birthday, Nathan!

  2. Try plain vaseline for your lips. That's what I use all the time. The dermatologist we just visited recommended Curel lotion.
    I miss having the windows open and listening to the summer noises.

  3. I adore leaves. I miss them so. Hearing them rustle in the wind. Ahhh.

    Bundling up kids to get in the car gets old and I'm addicted to lotion.

    ~ Wendy

  4. Strange, but I'm not tired of winter yet this year. Am really enjoying the nice bright snow we have had all winter.

    On the down side, I am sure that my shoveling son is ready for it to be over, and I am using lots of lotion and lip balm too.

    I have been peeking at gardening magazines lately :o) Late Spring is my very favorite time of year, when everything starts budding, and the mud and mush are gone.

  5. I LOATHE dressing in layers, so I'm with you on that one. I miss sunlight in the evening. Of course we don't do Daylight Savings Time here, so we don't get a whole lot in the summer either, but still. I also won't miss my nose sticking together or the burn of my lungs when I breathe outside first thing in the morning.

  6. My hands get terribly chapped in the winter and I have to wear rubber gloves any time I'm in the kitchen washing dishes or anything that involves water. With 5 kiddos it's quite challenging to keep my hands dry! :-)

  7. I hear ya:) I thought I put Chapstick in the black...well, they'll have plenty of profits this year anyway!

    I miss slightly warmer days, warm enough to walk outside but not so hot that it is uncomfortable.

    Happy weekend,

  8. I hear you on all the dryness. Humidifier, chapstick, lotion, vaseline...yeah, they're all daily rituals. Some hourly :)

    I miss the green, too. I miss being able to walk outside in just a T-shirt and feel the sun on my arms. And sandals and flip-flops. Those are great.

  9. Sunlight in the evening was a good one, Georgiana. That's mine too. It's usually dark when my husband gets home from work. I miss our evening walks :(

    And my flip-flops. And watching my toddler splash around the pool in her two-piece with her big belly hanging out :)

  10. I'm a Michigander so all of the above. I'm so tired of gray/white/dark brown--the only colors in nature. Uggh!

    Green. Bring on the green!

  11. Happy belated birthday, Nathan!!

    The dry skin is one of my dislikes of winter, too. I love winter, though, but also love the flowers that come with spring!!

  12. We've got all the green you can take here in the Amazon! I'd love some winter...