Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The new bookmarks for The Marriage Masquerade have arrived!
They are so beautiful, and this blog address is on the front of them!
Also this week, I'm up to my elbows in a non-writing related project.
My SIL's and I are putting together remembrance quilts using scraps from my MIL's wardrobe. Lorraine always wore pinks and blues, and the color palette for the quilts will be harmonious. Each grandchild (there are 10) will receive a quilted pillow, and each of the families of Lorraine's four grown children will have a lap quilt.
That being said, I've cut out almost 600 5x5" squares this week! YIKES! That's a lot of squares.
Do you have a special keepsake from a loved one who has passed away?


  1. Ya know, it helps getting up at 4 AM. I get to be the first commenter again!!

    Now, what was the question?

    Oh yes, keepsakes. My dad found my grandfather's watch and is having it re-worked so I may have it. It's a watch I remember him always wearing, a rather nice one and I'm looking forward to receiving it.

    One year (about 10 years ago now), my grandmother gave every grandchild something from my grandfather (who had passed early that year). Most were amazingly simple, but the memories they carried far out-weighed any monetary value they had.

    Have fun cutting.

  2. What a special thing to create keepsakes for family members! I love that idea. My husband has some quilts that his granmother made. They are so pretty...and old! Knowing the work that went into them makes them even more special. :)

  3. I have a red cardigan sweater my dad used to wear. I still think of it as my daddy's sweater. It survived when most of the things in my closet were destroyed during Ike. Its lovely. Kinda thick and a little large for me, but it feels great when I wear it. He's been gone 16 years this past New Years Eve and the sweater looks and feels the same.

  4. Yay--you ARE multi-published. Totally awesome.

    What a beautiful idea to make a quilt.

  5. My MIL gave me some special porcelain flowers that belonged to her mother, very beautiful and delicate.

  6. PS-The new bookmarks are beautiful!

  7. Nice bookmarks! I love the idea of a remembrance quilt. How lovely.

    By the way, I have an award for you on my blog.

  8. That's such a wonderful idea! How special it will be for your family to have those.

  9. I'm so happy I finally was able to log on after 3 days! The bookmarks look great! The quilt is a lovely remembrance.

  10. When my grandfather passed away recently, and my grandmother was placed in a nursing home with advanced Alzheimer's, I requested to have one of their Bibles. I have a Bible with my grandmother's name embossed on it that I will cherish always!

  11. The quilts sound wonderful. I once made stuffed cats for my sisters and mom using the scraps of a quilt (it was pretty tattered) that my great-grandmother made.

    Keepsakes? A Sunbonnet Sue quilt my Granny made. On the other side of the family, my Grandma's gold wedding band, which I wear all the time.

  12. My grandmother used to make braided rag rugs from scraps of outgrown, worn out or leftover familiar fabrics. I also have my grandmother's teapot now... brings good memories with every pot I make. :)