Monday, January 18, 2010

Metal Mouth

This past week, I started a process I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I've always been conscious of how crooked my teeth are, so last Monday, I got braces! I'm 40 years old, and I have braces like a middle-schooler.

Some mouth pain early in the week, which was great for the diet, as I lost four pounds, but not so much fun overall. What has been fun is that my kids have both had braces (the youngest still has his for another 6-8 months) and they give me advice.

Each time I go in, I have the option of choosing colors for the fasteners. My husband dared me to get purple and yellow fasteners this first time in honor of the Vikings. So, I did! I have purple fasteners on the uppers and yellow on the lowers.

If the Vikes win the Super Bowl (Woohoo!) I will go with the purple scheme again next month, but if not, it's time to get some red and blue, because March Madness is coming. Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!

Question: (Actually 2)

1. Did you have braces as a kid?

2. If you hadn't, and you'd always wanted them, and the money was there, would you do it at age 40?


  1. Yes! I had braces. From 4th to 6th grade. AND my mom got braces three years ago, at the age of 49 - so she has you beat! She got them off and feels a lot better about her smile. My good friend just got braces last year and she's 27. I say, it's never too late. :)

  2. Very cool!

    Yes I had braces as a kid. I would do it at 40 if I needed to and the money was there. Good for you! Post pics?

  3. Make sure you wear those elastics!

  4. How cool! I've never had them, but my top teeth (the only ones you see when I smile) are ok. My bottoms, not so much. I hope you'll post pics :D

  5. Hurray!!! I can finally see your posts, Erica. So exciting!!

    Know what my middle daughter calls braces?

    Teeth jewellery.

    She wants them so bad. Her older sister (who has them) tells her she's nuts.

    I hope the pain subsides fast and good for you for doing this, Erica, though I never noticed that your teeth were crooked.

    I never had braces, so the only advice I can offer is what I keep hearing our orthodontist tell Alisha, brush, brush, brush!!!

  6. I wore a back brace during my freshman and sophmore year in high school, and when I got out of it, my parents wanted my to get braces. (major overcrowding!!!) I said no. I was tired of all the metal! I broke down and got braces when I was 28. I got them when I was 30...during my 4th pregnancy!

    I usually wore the clear bands, but when the Cowboys went to the Superbowl, I definitely got the BLUE! So much fun. ;)

    Question: Is this how you spent your advance? I told my husband if I...or should I say WHEN I...ever sell a book, the first thing I'm going to do is get rid of these hair on my chiny-chin-chin! I am 44 and getting a goatee! Grrrrr! lol

  7. Not only did I have braces, I had a contraption that fitted around my head like an ancient torture device. I was supposed to wear it at night and even took it to a sleep-away camp, then fell out of the top bunk and onto a stone floor--device in place. Only God knows how I wasn't badly hurt!

    Both my kids had, as did hubby, and I've heard that it greatly enhances teeth (and thus body) health. Glad we all did it!


  8. I didn't wear braces, but in junior high my school bus rammed the bus in front of us and I hit the seat in front of me, chipping my two front teeth. I went through high school with chipped teeth but finally got them capped...again and again. :( I probably wouldn't get braces even if I needed them. I hate going to the dentist.

    But I want to see pics of your bright colors. Purple and gold-- LSU! LSU! LSU! :-)

  9. No braces as a child but as an adult we had a friend who was an orthodontist and after the birth of my second child at age 25 I got braces on my top teeth.

    A word of advice: wear your retainer faithfully afterwards! I didn't and eventually some of the teeth shifted a bit... not a lot, and not enough to go through the process again, but two are slightly crooked. One of my daughters had work done in her early teens, followed the rules and still has a lovely smile. :)

  10. I had braces from 8-10th grade. Not sure I would do it at age 40, but I might if the money wasn't an object. My advice is that at each adjustment there will be some pain, but there will be some adjustments where there is a lot, but it usually subsides in a few days. Make sure you do exactly as they say. I had some elastics, but mostly wore a head gear.....not fun, but it moved my teeth.

  11. Had braces from about 8th or 9th grade til 11th. I think I had all the torture devices available, spreader, head gear, rubberbands.

  12. I had them in middle school, but wouldn't think twice about getting them as an adult. Good for you!

  13. Hi Erica-
    I actually felt the same way you do and at age 35 got braces. Two years later my smile is one of my favorite features!
    Good luck and glad to find your blog!

  14. I'm going to finish my Invisalign treatment in about two or three months. I don't think I would have dared spend the money on myself, but my dentist told me that it was "dentally necessary."

    But it is really nice to have straighter teeth!

    I had braces in my teens, but my teeth had relapsed. My orthodontist tells me that back in the 80's, they told people that retainers only needed to last for two years. Now orthodontists know that many people need to wear their retainers forever. So all those people who had braces in the 70s and 80s now have crooked teeth again.

  15. Cool! I used to get orange/black during October and red/green during December. I wasn't much of a sports fan back then, but if I had them today I'd probably do what you did... how fun!