Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In the grip of winter

This past Sunday morning we awoke to a beautiful hoar-frost. Every branch, twig, and blade of grass bore a lacy shawl of ice crystals. The above picture is the view out my back door. It looks like something out of Narnia before Aslan returns.
Though winter is not my favorite season in Minnesota, there is no denying it has a special and unique beauty. The world is asleep under a frozen blanket. But spring will return, and every brittle branch will become supple, and ice will give way to tender leaves and delicate blossoms.
I am reminded that there are times and seasons in our lives, especially in the writing life. There is a lot of waiting, sowing the seeds of learning, writing, and submitting. Things begin to bloom, agents are gained, partials are requested, the sun shines. Summer storms blow when committees say no, thank you. But then, the harvest comes.
What season are you in right now?


  1. I'm submitting, hoping I'm at the end of winter. :-) But even when spring comes, I'll still be sowing learning.

    What a gorgeous landscape to wake up to! I'm a tad jealous. *grin*

  2. Beautiful landscape. the season I'm in? the one where you keeping banging your head against the wall.

  3. Uhhhh, I'm in the same season as CJ.

    What a beautiful scene out your back door. Out of mine I can see Nestle-Purina.

  4. That is GORGEOUS!!!

    I had an early spring (getting an agent) and totally thought it was here to stay. But winter is back. I've learned that even with an agent, the waiting NEVER ends. I don't mind winter though. I find that when I embrace the snow, it's sort of peaceful.

  5. Beautiful landscape. I would really enjoy looking at that from my window, if I could stay in all day by a fire.
    I guess I am in a harvest? My first book was published this last summer and another one should be published this summer.

  6. Bianca Watson11:12 AM

    I'm in the submitting stage too (just recently got over banging my head against the wall stage - I would call that the endless editing stage). The sowing took over 5 years!! Other than being a mom I don't think I've put so much of my time into anything else in my life (than this novel)!

    Now that I've submitted I feel so vulnerable to rejection! but in the end God's will be done, I just put in the effort and see what He does with it.

    (we've had a similar landscape for the last few days! AB, Canada. Its like a winter wonderland ^_^)