Friday, January 08, 2010

The Friday Five

Here are the top ten fears of Americans (According to Gallup) - Note that three things tied for 9th. Though the rankings change somewhat from year to year, the list remains remarkably consistent.
1. Snakes - 51%
2. Speaking in public - 40%
3. Heights - 36%
4. Being closed in a small space - 34%
5. Spiders and insects - 27%
6. Needles and getting shots - 21%
7. Mice - 20%
8. Flying on a plane - 18%
9. Dogs (sorry, Lassie) - 11%
9. Thunder and lightning - 11%
9. Crowds - 11%
10. Going to the doctor - 9%
I would have to say, I'm pretty average. Though it would be easier to list the things here that I'm NOT afraid of.
So today's Friday Five is:
Things some people are afraid of, but that don't really bother me.
1. Public Speaking. I don't mind it at all.
2. Needles and getting shots. Trust me, when you're a diabetic who tests her blood, needles and shots are no big deal.
3. Flying. I'm not afraid of flying, but I always wind up in the chair right in front of the crying baby or the seat-kicking, unsupervised kid. Sigh.
4. Dogs. I like dogs. My dad raised Brittany Spaniels when I was a kid, trained them to bird hunt. I'm wary around strange dogs until I know if they are friendly or not, but that's about it.
5. Crowds. Though I don't like to be in crowds, it isn't because I'm scared.
How about you? Which of these fears do you share with me, and which ones don't you mind?


  1. Centipedes! Absolutely, 100% FREAK me out.

    I'm not afraid of mice at all. We had one in our garage a few months ago. He kept eating Ryan's granola bars that he keeps on a shelf by the fridge. Ryan set a mouse trap. I got upset, and really really sad. I told him if the mouse dies, he better not tell me a thing. I'm way too soft when it comes to cute, little furry animals.

  2. Spiders big or small can set off the scream alarm.

  3. SPIDERS!!!! Argh. That's the worst for me. Oddly enough, during a heated game of hide-n-seek over Christmas break, I re-discovered how claustrophic I am--this while wedging myself under a short bed.

  4. I'm not afraid of any of the ten (or at least not that afraid of them).

    More afraid of coming to the end of my life and looking back only to realize I didn't live it to my full potential.

    And scary movies...I'm afraid of those as well.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I am surprised snakes is number one on that list. I don't mind snakes that much but I am definitely afraid of speaking in public.

    I'm a little claustrophobic. I don't like feeling like I can't breathe. We have these tunnels you have to drive through when visiting mountain towns and those are no fun! I always have to close my eyes and turn up the music real loud or try to pretend I'm somewhere else until we're through the tunnel.

  6. Not afraid of public speaking, needles, mice, or dogs.

    Afraid of planes, but I took a huge step by flying in July 2008 (with some pharmaceutical assistance!) Now I feel as if it's not a barrier for me.

  7. Definitely afraid of snakes and public speaking, would like to avoid both of those forever, if possible! The rest don't bother me much, not that I go around looking for spiders or mice.

  8. Closed spaces do it for me... I get panic attacks in shoulder-to-shoulder crowds or any situation where I'm physically restrained. Big spiders elicit shrieks but other than that no other creepy crawlies bother me.