Friday, January 01, 2010

The Friday Five

Every year to celebrate the New Year, we host a party at our place. There are always lots of people, lots of food, football, games, laughter. It is a day we look forward to all year.
This year my BIL and I are coordinating some of the food so we don't duplicate anything.
So today's Friday Five is:
Five foods that will make an appearance at the New Year's Bash.
1. Meatballs. See yesterday's 3 Ingred. Thurs. :)
2. Lil' Smokies. Can't get enough of those!
3. The Dip. My friend J. always brought The Dip to the New Year's Day celebration that my folks hosted when I was growing up. When I moved away and started hosting my own New Year's Day party, she was gracious enough to share the recipe with me. It is a New Year's necessity.
4. Fruit Pizza. I love fruit pizza!
5. Veggie Pizza. Love this one too. A little savory to go with all the sweets!
Do you have a New Year's Day tradition?


  1. Now I'm very very very hungry! Bring on the meatballs! I'll be at your place in six hours. :)

  2. The only tradition we have is sleeping in and do nothing! I will be taking down the Christmas stuff, since I put that off for so long this year. *sigh*

  3. My mouth started to drool when I read about "the dip". Our tradition is generally to fall asleep before the clock strikes 12.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Happy New Year! Stuff is warming up around here. We'll be loading up and heading your way before you know it. Can't wait!

  5. When our family were all at home New Year's Day used to be a quiet, recuperate-from-the-late-night-before kind of day... sleep in, have a family brunch and maybe take down the tree, or leave it and watch a movie instead. Now that DH and I are on our own it's still a quiet day but instead of brunch we usually finish off with a special dinner together complete with candles, wine and music... it's like a date night and is a lovely way to start off the new year.