Wednesday, December 30, 2009


First, isn't this a beautiful picture? My mom took it when she was visiting a friend in England. So serene. I love it.

Second, my daughter wrote some poetry this past semester for a literature class, and I loved them so much, I wanted to share them with you. I'm no poet, though I do love reading it.

So, here are some poems by Heather for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

1B. - “Write a descriptive poem that uses similes, metaphors, and images that appeal to the senses.”

“Mystery creature”

The Okapi is such a mysterious creature.
Part giraffe, part zebra, and part something else
Completely. Its feet are a goat’s,
Neat and nimble. Its legs are a zebra’s,
Striped and swift. Its tail is a cow’s,
Fly-swatting and furry. Its back is a donkey’s,
Brown and broad. Its neck is a gazelle’s,
Slender and sleek. Its horns are a giraffe’s,
Short and stubby. Its eyes are a camel’s,
Long-lashed and liquid. Its ears are a bunny’s,
Large and listening. Its manners are a sheep’s,
Mild and meek. But its name is truly its own,
Okapi Johnstoni. Mystery creature.

2A. – “Write a poem about a vivid memory of someone special to you.”


My Dad has a happy song.
It is a song that is more of a melody
Than a song.
It has no words, yet
It is innately

My Dad used to sing his song.
He would come home from work singing.
We would sing with him
When I was little.
All of us.

My Dad used to sing his song,
But life has changed since then.
He comes home tired.
He no longer sings.
No longer quite as

I wish my Dad would sing his song,
That we could be so happy, like we were.
I caught him humming
His song today.
It made me

Side note here: This poem was written not long after my husband's mother passed away. When the time of intense grief had passed, and the kids and I heard him humming his happy tune under his breath, we all knew a lightening of heart.

2D. - Write a poem about God’s glory.

“How blessed is the rain”

How blessed is the rain as it falls upon the land!
It is a simple gift, Providence from God’s own hand.
How could water falling from the sky above
Be such a simple act of God’s unfailing love?

The height of the grey clouds that over me now swirl
Attest how lofty are God’s thoughts as He orders the world.
The rhythm of the rain that in curtains falls
Gives tribute to the laws that God put over all.

The power of the winds show me what must be
A reflection of God’s glory and His boundless majesty.
The rumble of the thunder that now shakes me to the bone
Reminds me I am safe when I trust in Him alone.

The colors of the rainbow, brushed by God’s own hand,
Prove God keeps His promise, so I obey His command.
And the promise He gave to Noah, which still applies to me,
Says no matter what the year is His Providence will not cease.

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  1. Ah, the first to comment... there's a first. Well done, Heather. I used to despise poetry until I had to take a Poetry class in college. Yes, the entire class for an entire semester was devoted to studying poetry. I still don't enjoy it much, but at least I understand it a bit more. I loved the one about Dad's Happy Song. Hum on, Peter, hum on.

  2. Excellent work, Heather! I really enjoyed Song. :) I don't normally "get" poetry, but I can certainly appreciate it! Loved the pictures too! That swan was magnificent!

  3. Excellent! Esp. loved the Happy song.

  4. Wow. Tell Heather I think she's got some very raw talent. I especially like that last poem. Beautiful!