Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:
Five Christmas This or Thats?
I'll answer with my preferences here, but you answer in your comments because...well, because I'm nosy and I want to know! :)
1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate, no contest.
2. Tree Topper: Angel or Star? Star, with blinky lights.
3. Sugar Cookies or Candy Canes? Sugar Cookies, with icing, and sprinkles.
4. Open gifts on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve? Christmas Day. We used to get to open one gift on Christmas Eve, but it was almost always the new dress my mom had made for the Christmas Eve service that we already knew we were getting because it had been fitted to us several times. Always pretty, but not exactly a surprise.
5. Christmas Cards: Yes, or no? Um...sad to say, mostly "no." I used to send them out, but the list got so unmanageable, I decided not to send them anymore.
How about you?


  1. Just wanted to pop by and let you know that I have shouted you out on my blog today. Pop by if you can :)

  2. 1. Hot chocolate
    2. Angel
    3. Sugar cookies
    4. Christmas Day
    5. Yes

    That was fun!

  3. 1. Definitely hot chocolate. I can only barely kinda just a schouche (that's slightly more than a tisch) tolerate egg nog if it's so cold that there are ice crystals forming on the top... that way you can't really taste the egg or the nog.

    2. Not sure anymore; it's been so long since we've had either at the Sorensen's. Martha Stewart uses a huge fancy ribbon bow thingy that runs all the way down the sides of the tree. Funny story about Rebecca and outrageous Christmas decorating to come soon.

    3. Sugar cookies. You've never heard of anyone eating candy cane dough, now, have you?

    4. Christmas Day, 'cuz our traditional Christmas Eve pajamas are kinda like the dress tradition you mentioned... only we don't wear them to the Christmas Eve service... although???

    5. This year (it cycles through about every five years, just when most of our out of state friends think we've finally all died from some strange disease).

  4. 1. Hot chocolate, with marshmellows...and lots of them!
    2. Star
    3. Sugar cookies with lots of sprinkles!
    4. Christmas Day
    5. Nope. I used to until I started working full time. :(

  5. Mine answers are almost the same as yours. Hot chocolate, star, sugar cookies, Christmas Day. But this year I'm still trying to get a Christmas letter out. I've always written one, and I enjoy the creative process of coming up with a theme or something to describe our year with a flare. But let me tell you, I might be joining you in abandoning the effort one of these years! I'm just too busy!

  6. Hot chocolate... ALL THE WAY! With Marshmellows (made with Milk... not water!)

    Angel... with fiber optic wings that change colors! We're fancy like that... ha!

    Sugar cookies!!!! YUM!

    Christmas Day... SOMETIMES one on Christmas Eve (sometimes I'll get them Christmas Jammies and they open them so they can wear 'em Christmas Eve)

    Christmas cards: I'd love to, and will someday, but after several years of false starts (I get them all in envelopes but never mailed) I decided that I need to skip this tradition for now. Someday... when I'm home during the days (GOD WILLING) I'll restart this tradition

  7. 1. Ohhh tricky one b/c egg nog is a sort of a holiday treat, but I'll go with hot chocolate.

    2. Star only b/c most angel look pale and a bit strange to me.
    3. I'll take the cookies please.
    4. Christmas morning. If my kids have their way...about 5 am.
    5. No. One thing I gave up to have balance.

    I liked this.
    ~ Wendy

  8. 1. I enjoy both hot chocolate and egg nog.

    2. An angel Himself bought when we were first married.

    3. Sugar cookies: iced, with sprinkles, plain, doesn't matter. Cookies are cookies.

    4. Christmas Day, but not before 7am

    5. I usually send out cards I make but am woefully behind this year. They might end up being Valentines instead

  9. I LOVE NOG! Am I a weirdo?
    Sugar cookies
    1 on Eve, the rest on morn
    I'd LOVE to send out cards, but it rarely happens.

  10. 1. Hot chocolate
    2. Angel
    3. Sugar cookies, but why stop at just sugar?
    4. Christmas Day
    5. Still doing cards

  11. Some of these are tough!

    1. Hot chocolate, though I do like egg nog in moderation.

    2. Angel. That's the topper for the tree right now and has been for years. But before the kids were born we had a star.

    3. Sugar cookies.

    4. Christmas Day. We do one present on Christmas Eve, too!

    5. No.

  12. I'm so glad someone else loves eggnog! LOL Definitely eggnog. In fact, it's noon and I just finished my second glass. YUM!
    Star, sugar cookies, one present on the eve, and I only send out cards when I feel like it. Probably won't this year, though I am tempted to make a picture collage at walmart and mail that out. We'll see.
    Have a great weekend! :-)

  13. 1. Hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows.

    2. Angel. The Christmas right before I got married my mom and I found angel tree-toppers at the florist's that looked remarkably like me in my wedding dress, so she bought one for each of us.

    3. Sugar cookies with plenty of icing and plenty of sprinkles

    4. Christmas Day. We used to let our son open one on Christmas Eve but he's old enough to wait now.

    5. *Some* Christmas cards. I used to send at least 60, now I'm down to about 10. Thankfully.

    This was fun! Have a great weekend!

  14. Hot chocolate--yes! Angel, sugar cookies, Christmas Day, and I'm a total sucker for Christmas cards, so yes!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I LOVE hearing all your responses.

    When I have you all over to my house, we'll have hot chocolate and sugar cookies, (Georgiana and Jessica, bring some nog if you need it) and we can become mesmerized by the blinky lights in the star on my tree while we await Christmas Day to open our gifts and talk about how we wished we had sent out more Christmas Cards! :)

  16. 1. Egg nog
    2. Angel
    4. Christmas Day
    5. Sending out New Year's cards, as we did in 2009, but with our Christmas family picture.'

    We Lacys, yeah, we're different!

  17. Anonymous4:53 PM

    1 Hot Chocolate, yummy!
    2 Star.
    3 Cookies. Candy canes take too long and they get sticky.
    4 Christmas Day. It's too hard to pick just one to open on Christmas Eve.
    5 Can't really say for this one, since I never have before. Probably no.


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  19. 1. Hot Chocolate
    2. Angel
    3. Cookies
    4. BOTH!
    5. Yes, pic's of the kids
    Nice to know you!

  20. I hopped over from Through My Eyes. She has some nice things to say about you! ;)

    let's see...

    1. egg nog
    2. angel
    3. sugar cookies
    4. one on Christmas eve, the rest on day
    5. when I'm organized on time

  21. 1. Definitely hot chocolate, although my DH would argue it's just as fattening (as if I care!).
    2. Neither. An icy-looking snowflake. Not very Christmassy but my decorating theme is outdoorsy, with mostly pinecones, snowflakes, birds, etc.
    3. Sugar cookies *with* crushed candy canes sprinkled into the icing. Oh, yum!
    4. Christmas Day. As a child all the family went to my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve and we exchanged the presents between relatives then. But our own family gifts waited until Christmas morning... after church if there happened to be a Christmas Day service to attend.
    5. Yes and no. We're one of those families who send the dreaded newsletters... some get cards, some get newsletters and some get both, depending on the relationship. Admittedly we've cut the list down a lot through the years. I'm moving to trying an e-mailed newsletter one day, but haven't been able to bring myself to it quite yet. It seems just a little too impersonal.

    I normally never stop to think about such things, so this was fun, Erica. Thanks!

  22. 1. Egg nog.
    2. Neither--we've got something unique, but if I had to pick, it'd be a star.
    3. Neither! If it's not chocolate, I don't bother.
    4. Christmas Day. My husband is another thing--we've opened as early as mid-December. I blame him completely.
    5. I have really, really good intentions . . .

  23. 1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate, but I like a taste of egg nog now and then.
    2. Tree Topper: Angel or Star? Angel.
    3. Sugar Cookies or Candy Canes? Sugar Cookies
    4. Open gifts on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve? We open new PJ's on Christmas Eve, the rest definitely Christmas Day after a huge breakfast.
    5. Christmas Cards: Yes, or no? I'm awful, I have good intentions each year of sending many out, but only a few get into the mail box unfortunately.