Monday, December 14, 2009


Last week the local newspaper called me for an interview. Well, sort of. They had received a copy of my book. (A business contact of mine belongs to the same social group...Kiwanis? Rotary? Something like that, with the editor of the Rochester Post Bulletin, and he took my book along to a club meeting and passed it to the editor.)
So, the phone rings, and it's a reporter from the Post Bulletin who would like to ask me a few questions. She runs the social column of the newspaper.
I answered her three or four questions, and she said "It should run in this weekend's paper."
I couldn't help but think that Almina Brooke, the mother of the heroine in The Bartered Bride would have been so proud of me, appearing in the social column and all.
When the article appeared, I had to laugh. Though I told the reporter that I was originally from Kansas, she marked me down as being from Indiana. And, somewhere in the mix, I gained another child. A girl I evidently named after myself.
She also put a publication time for a compilation book to come out, though I didn't tell her when that would be, mostly because I don't know when it might happen. And she calls the publisher Heartsong Press instead of Heartsong Presents.
Makes you wonder about the accuracy of the rest of the stuff you read in the newspaper when a simple interview about a book contains so many errors.
Anyway, though there are some of errors in the column, here it is.
Inspired by travel
When you plan a summer vacation, do you plan to hit the sights or relax on the beach or at the end of a dock? Local author Erica Vetsch sets aside time to visit local museums and places of historical interest during her vacations. A trip to Duluth got her creative juices flowing.
"I grew up in Indiana, so the harbor really captured my interest," she says. Visits to the Maritime Museum, the Split Rock Light House and the St. Louis County Historical Society inspired her to write "The Bartered Bride." The book is the first in a three-book series that tells the fictional story of two families in the Duluth area.
Vetsch is a Rochester woman who had written "a few books" before "The Bartered Bride" was published. During the rest of her day, she helps her husband Peter with a different kind of bookwork the bookkeeping for the family lumber business. Erica is also a homeschool mom to Heather, James and Erica.
"The Bartered Bride" is available through Heartsong Press to their book club members, however next spring, all three books will be published in one book that will be available at local retailers.
Vetsch is currently working on her next project, a three-book series about a family in the Idaho area. Sounds like another interesting vacation!


  1. Oh, I'd love to meet little Erica someday. Did you stuff her in the closet when you went off to Denver? Poor kid. :)

    Cool stuf - even with all the mistakes! how fun to have an article in the paper. You go, girl!

  2. So did you buy a lot of copies of the paper? ;) I must say it is a little disturbing that there would be so many mistakes! I could see maybe one, but that many? does make you wonder how often that happens!

  3. Whoo-hoo! You are famous! :-) How cool to get an interview! And wow! I can't believe they got so many things wrong. Oh, wait, I guess I can.

    That's neat that your books are going into a bigger book! How exciting!

  4. How funny Erica! But how exciting to be in the newspaper!

    Good thing you found out about that other child too...

  5. Guess the adage don't always believe what you read is true. As to Indiana and Kansas. Same diff. Both are in The Land of Here There Be Dragons. (-; The reporter might have gotten some facts wrong, but she spelled your name right. That's the most important part. Congrats on the article!

  6. Yay for my famous friend and her ever-expanding family! Too bad you never talk about lil' Erica, she's probably just cute as a button. Maybe one day you could post her picture?

    Congratulations on the article, even if some of it was fiction ;)

  7. Any publicity is good, right? At least she got your name right.

  8. Congrats on the free publicity.

    As to the extra child, you can always blame her for the disappearing chocolate. :)

  9. Well, I guess it's better than bad press! How can legit reporters get it so wrong? It's scary. But congratulations anyway!

  10. Oh no! LOL I used to interview people for our newspaper and hopefully I never gave anyone an extra child. Too funny! Congrats on being mentioned. :-) Besides the false info that I wouldn't have known was false if you didn't say something, it's a great write up. ;-)

    Did she interview you over the phone or something?

  11. Katie, I'd like to meet little Erica too! LOL

    Sherrinda, I bought a copy of the paper so I could clip the article for my scrapbook.


  12. Jody, yeah, I was surprised how many booboos showed up in that one little article!

    Tamika, what would I do without Little Erica? She's my new alter-ego! Like a Mini-Me!

    CJ, shame on you! Kansas and Indiana are NOT the same! Kansas is by far the superior state! ;)

  13. Georgiana, perhaps I should post a picture of my adorable newest child. :)

    Linda, there is that. I had to re-read the article just to make sure.

    Candee, that's brilliant! Someone to blame everything on!

  14. Jan, thanks for dropping by! It sure makes you wonder about everything else you read, doesn't it?

    Jessica, I didn't know you were a journalist! And yeah, it was a phone interview. The last time they interviewed me, it was face to face and it went much better.

  15. Oh my gosh, that's CRAZY! Sounds like she might have been multitasking while you were on the phone...

    Still. How fun to be in the Social column. Almina would have indeed been proud :)

  16. Kudos on the recognition! And glad that you have a sense of humor about the boo-boo's. It's great that someone may have read the article, see your book in Wal-Mart and say, Oh I've read about this famous author.

    All publicity is good.

  17. Stephanie, I did wonder if she was watching TV or something while we talked! lol

    Carla, it's either laugh or cry, and then share it on the blog so others can laugh with me. :)