Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Copy Edits

This week I'm using some of the fun clip art that I've gotten from Dover Publications. You can sign up at Dover for an email sampler of copyright free clip art. It arrives in my inbox each Friday, and I peruse the clip art and samples available, and keep what I like and discard what I don't.
Last week I posted my goals for December.
I'm already having to revise them.
I got copy edits for Clara and the Cowboy (Thank you, Aaron!) Content edits for Lily and the Lawman are pending any moment. (Thank you, Rachel!) And my copy editor, Aaron, informed me that copy edits for The Engineered Engagement are next on his list.
Maggie and the Maverick is begging to be finished, and I have about 50 more pages to edit on a crit partner's work.
This is one of those times when you have to roll with the punches and really buckle down to get the work done. How's that for mixing metaphors?
So, how are your goals for the month holding up? Are you making changes and working hard? Or are you taking it at an easier pace and enjoying the festivities with a plan to get back to it after the first of the year?


  1. I'm working at my normal pace, which is kind of an even, non-rushed thing. LOL
    Wow, you are going to be busy! I hope things go smoothly for you.

  2. I'm dancing as fast as I can trying to get everything done.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could tell you that I'm working hard on the things I planned to work hard on, but I'm not. And that's just how life goes sometimes. I'm finding that I need to revise my very ambitious goals and accept that doing things right takes time.

  4. Does being snowed in make it easier or harder to keep to your list?

    It makes me want to have a snow day and just have fun.

  5. No easier pace here! Frantic with every school and extra curricular event being jammed into the 1st 3 weeks of Dec. If there's one thing I like about ginormous snow storms--and believe me, there's only one--it's that some things will get canceled and thereby slow the pace.

  6. I'm cruising at slower pace than I would like. I've had a few challenges this month that have taken precedence.

    Praying to get back in the saddle full swing by January.

  7. How do you find time to write amidst all the edits? What an exciting year you have ahead of you!

  8. Erica, you continue to astound me with your ability to juggle the interruptions and still stay on task.

    I'm doing more internet shopping, less decorating, and immersing myself in the deep waters of marketing.

    This is also a research/mind noodling month for me as I plan my next novel.

    Happy editing!

  9. What do you do when your personal goals keep getting pushed further down the list by life? Stress and push them back to the top OR relax and enjoy the season.

    Somehow, when I'm relaxed about the list, stuff still seems to get done. Wonder how that happens.

    Best wishes on the edits.

  10. Life is busy with work, church, and life, so getting edits finished on my WIP is slow at the moment. Hopefully, when the school holiday starts, I can relax...and write/edit! I cannot imagine doing what you are doing with so many irons in the fire, so to speak. Whew...makes me tired!