Monday, December 07, 2009

Baby Shower

This past Saturday, I gave the devotional at a baby shower at my church.
It brought back so many memories. 17 years ago, I was the new mom with the adorable baby girl.
I took several little gifts as object lessons.
A blanket sleeper, to remind us that God knew us intimately before we were even born. I love blanket sleepers because they are like a whole little package of baby. And God made that whole little package. And He loves our children even more than we do.
A set of teething rings to remind us that though sometimes we might feel as if we've bitten off more than we can chew, God is the one in control, and He loves our children even more than we do.
A rattle, to remind us that though we might get rattled as our plans are tossed into the disposal, God's plans are never thwarted, and He loves our children even more than we do.
Burp cloths for protection, to remind us that even though we can't be there to protect our children, God is their eternal refuge and underneath them are the everlasting arms, because He loves our children even more than we do.
And finally, a set of baby spoons, to remind us that progress is a good thing, and that our job as mothers is to raise our children to not need us anymore, though they will never outgrow our need for God. God will be faithful because He loves our children even more than we do.
So, question for you? If you're a mom, did you have a baby shower, and do you remember anything about the devotional? :)


  1. Wow! That was a creative devotion, Erica!! Wish you'd been at mine! I think I will have to print out your idea and file it away for the future!

  2. I didn't have a baby shower. Didn't want one. Mainly because our tradition is to have a Christening party where a gift is brought, I felt it would be hitting people up twice. All the showers I have attended have never had a devotional. The parties have all had the same theme. Bring a gift, nibble some cookies, play some silly game, and offer the mom parenting advice, or a horror story while admiring the little guest of honor. Unitl I met you, I never heard of a devotional at a baby or bridal shower. I love your examples. This would make the shower more interesting.

  3. How cool! Yes, I had a baby shower. Three, in fact. Isn't that ridiculous? They were all very fun!

  4. You know, that's still a great thing to remember, that God loves my children even more than I do.

  5. I had never heard of a devotional for baby showers either and have been to a lot of them. I loved the symbolism.
    Since it is gift giving time I did a post on my blog on what I think is the best gift. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is given because it is a life saver. Its under the post-My Gift Giving Advice for the Year.

  6. I've had two showers but no devotional! I love the idea, how wonderful and full of great reminders.

  7. I've have 6 different baby showers. I know that at least 2 did not have devotionals, but I can't remember anything from the ones that did have devotionals...

    I enjoyed reading through your devotional, Erica. A great reminder that God does love our children more than we ever can, and wants his absolute best for them.


  8. I had several baby showers but don't think devos were "the thing" twenty-plus years ago.

    Last month I did share two devotionals. I gathered pictures from attendees of either their "firsts" or "their children's firsts." We let our imaginations fly! First Nude Dip in the Dog Bowl. First Swipe at Our Sister's Cookie. Then the usual: First Haircut. First step.

    The photos were scattered on top of tablecloths and cute little "boy" accessories.

    Then my devotional touched not upon advice for mothers, but advice given BY these babes.

    Unconditional love
    Unfettered joy

    It was fun--and rewarding--to find Bible verses that tied to each point and to use the pictures to illustrate joy, daring, etc.

    Whew. Glad I got that out!!!

    Blessings, Erika.

  9. What a sweet idea to have a devotional at a baby shower! Totally stealing that one...

  10. Oh, I'm so glad you posted this!! I'm way behind on blog stuff (never knew babies were so much work!) and just found it now. :) I think I'm going to have to print this and put it Selah's scrapbook...I thought your devotional was so special...I loved it...made me teary! :) I still think about your points. Lately I've been thinking about the progress is good thing...she's finally sleeping 7 to 8 hours at night! I feel like I can function again. :)