Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another look at the next cover.

Last week I unveiled the new cover art for my second book, The Marriage Masquerade.
I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this cover. The lighthouse on the cover has special meaning to me. The fictional lighthouse in The Marriage Masquerade, Sutton Island Light, was patterned closely after Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
The pictures below were taken this past September by my mom.

This is us at Split Rock. (I've had a terrible time getting the photos to post in the right places! Argh!!
As you can see, we really love this place, and it was touring Split Rock that gave me the idea for the setting of The Marriage Masquerade in the first place.

Thank you to Ashley and everybody at Heartsong Presents for creating such a beautiful
and fitting cover for me. I will treasure it always!


  1. Erica, it is so cool that you have a picture of your family with a background that matches your book! What a treasure, indeed!

  2. When I see your book cover I think, that's Erica's lighthouse

  3. That's so cool you have a cover that reflects a memorable time. I still think it's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing a little of the story behind it.

  4. I missed your cover last week, so I am VERY glad you put it up. Gorgeous!! There are so many pretty lighthouses along the shores of the great lakes, but this one really sings.


  5. It's so beautiful. What a great idea to incorporate something personal in the artwork.

  6. That's a neat trick! I love how your pic matches the cover. Great shot of your fam :D

  7. ERICA!!!!

    LOVE IT! That is soooo cool!

    Kregel did the same thing for me on An Irishwoman's Tale!!


  8. That's really special that it looks so much like your family picture, how awesome of them to work with you on the cover!

  9. My mother spent her summers on Lake Superior at a lighthouse. Her father was the lighthouse keeper.

    Can't wait for this one to release, Erica!