Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yesterday, I blogged about Voice. How to discover it and how to hone it.

I think that blogging is also a great way to discover your voice. For me, blogging is a very WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) look into my life. What you read on this blog, well, that's me. A little writing, a little news, a little church, a little of the random thoughts that float through, some humorous things I've run across, books I read, etc. I like to keep it light and encouraging for the most part, but I've shared some of my struggles and heartache here, too.

When I polled folks for what they liked on the blog, most all the folks that answered said they enjoyed the Friday Five. That made me grin, because I think those are my favorite posts, too.

I know some people who are very deliberate about blogging to their brand. Camy Tang likes to keep things very "Loud Asian Chick Who Writes Loud Asian Lit," All her blog posts are in that vein. Brandilyn Collins likes to keep things a little darker and suspensy (if that's a word), with industry news thrown in.

When I started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. Didn't even know how to post a picture in my blog. (If you scroll back to those early days, you'll see how excited I was when I figured it out.) I didn't have a voice or a brand or a clue where I was going with it. As I've continued to blog, however, I realized that in the great blogosphere, rather than give out wise instruction on writing or parenting or history or how to live under a mop of curly hair (all of which I have experience with) I really just wanted to connect with people, let them get to know me and get to know them through their comments and visiting their blogs.

So, the question today is: How do you decide what to blog? Do you feel like you're very WYSIWYG? Do you have a brand or voice you're trying to perfect through your blog?

Today on the blog tour:

Nov. 18th Tiffany Stockton, fellow Heartsong Author, fan fiction writer, and lover of historical things, is interviewing me today at A Fiction Filled Life Blog, found at . Lynda Schab, lit writer extraordinaire, has an interview at


  1. Great questions!
    I like to blog about writing or book related things, but sometimes there's stuff from my life. I don't know if my blog has my voice in it though...

  2. Oh boy! I'm all about WYSIWYG. Pretty much my life, not just blogging! Remember our conversation from last week... you've never known a pastor with the musical tastes like this one. WYSIWYG. My blogging? WYSIWYG. Reading, uhm, yup, pretty much the same.

  3. I thought of blogging just my art stuff. Thought I should have a "serious" blog. That path just wasn't inclusive. Sure, people came to take a peek, but they couldn't participate because the writing wasn't including them if they didn't make art. I think a mix of what you do along with what you like, how you feel, with some fun stuff thrown in, is a good approach. A little something for everyone. And the all important what do you think question to encourage people to participate and share.

  4. I didn't really know what my blog would become when I started either. But it has turned into a journal of sorts--a diary of my writing journey. I'm so glad that I have a writing community with whom I can share all of the ups and downs, and ins and outs of the path to publication and beyond!

  5. I'm not trying to cultivate a persona... I am what I am.

  6. I knew I wanted to log movement of my thoughts (aka: growth). I didn't know all that would entail. I have the excuse of blaming random posts on my thoughts. ;)

    I like that word suspency. I think we should vote for it.

    How do I know what to blog about? Two ways. 1. Pray. 2. What occupies my thoughts?

    ~ Wendy

  7. I blog on whatever strikes me in the moment. Lots of writing, book reviews, and the occasional life story. Mostly it's just for fun!

  8. I'm pretty sure the insecure me comes through in my blogs. I like to share what I learn, things about me, and help authors show their books. It's a modgepodge really. Not sure if that's very attractive to others or not, but it's me. Definitely a modgepodge of stuff going on in my life. Not sure if that's a word, but I'm quite liking it today.LOL

    P.S. I like your Friday 5's too. They vary and give us a good inside scoop of who you are, Erica. Your recipes are good too.

  9. My blog has gone through several "revisions" over the years...and I found it was hard to draw people in when I tried to include all of my main interests (Nail art lovers don't seem to want to read about my writing goals, etc). Since I primarily blog to connect with people, that was limiting my reach. So I splintered my blogs into several to form The Variety Network, and that's worked well for awhile now.

    On my writing blog (my main blog), I try to have something for everyone. Serial novels for readers. Thoughts on writing for writers. My goals (not just writing) and what I'm reading for those who want to know what drives & entertains me. Wildcard posts for whatever seems relevant at the time, including more personal things (but not too personal). I try to keep it casual, but I've been told that my blog does, in fact, reflect my writing voice. I'm happy it works out that way, but I don't do it on purpose.

    I strive to be honest, and true to who I am in all faucets of my life, so I like to think that the reason my voice is consistent throughout is that *I* am consistent throughout. Or that's what I hope, in any case. :-)

  10. Erica, I love your blog. Your warm and welcoming personality suck me right in!

    On my blog, I want to encourage other writers. I want to share the things I learned that maybe new writers haven't learned yet. But above all, I want people to feel comfortable at my blog.

    I'm off to check out the next stop on your blog tour!

  11. It has surprised me what my blog has become compared to what I originally planned in the first place. I love to encourage other writers and mostly I write about writing and the writing journey. But in all of that, I've learned just as much and been encouraged and blessed more than that by the comments people make on those posts and all the people I've met along the way.

    Mostly it's WYSIWYG on my blog, though, which works just fine for me :D