Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love words...

November, for NaNo participants, is all about words. We count them like misers, watch word counters like day traders watch tickers, and we stretch ourselves to write more words.
And I have to say, it's good for me. I pound out a rough draft in 30 days, and I push myself. I remember the value of setting word-count goals, of shutting off the internet, and really immersing myself in my story.
I do word-sprints. Not how many words can I write in X number of minutes, but rather, how long does it take me to write 1000 words? I can usually write 1000 words in around 40 minutes. Especially if I'm confident in where the story is going and what I want to accomplish.
So, how fast do you write? Have you ever set what you thought was a rather lofty if not impossible goal with your writing and made it? Have you tried word-sprints?
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  1. I haven't really tried this. I know I can write 1k in an hour, maybe I could go faster if I know ahead of time where the chapter is going. Someday I might try nano. Right now I'm pretty sure I'd fail. LOL

  2. I dream of doing NaNo one year. But I'm in the middle of editing my WIP. I would love to see how many words I could do in 'free writing' land where the shoulder editor keeps her mouth shut.

    Erica, loved your phrase 'watch word counters like day traders watch tickers'.

    My best to all the NaNoWriters out there! GO GO GO

  3. I'm now averaging 1200 words per hour. One day I wrote over 6k words. It was awesome. But yesterday I had hoped to write 5k, only to get a miserly 2k in. Hoping today goes better.

    Good luck with Nano, Erica. We CAN do it!

  4. I have four words. Is November over yet? (-;

  5. I agree, if I know where the story is going, I can write fast. That's why I plot extensively before writing-it's saved me so much time! Congrats on your progress!

  6. LOL, I think I may have topped CJ today, but not by much ;)

    Like you, I can do about 1000 in 30-40 minutes. They might not be the best words, but I can fix them later. Or you can. LOL, OK, I'm cracking myself up. Seriously, I'll do my best to fix them before I hit send, especially if I have heros with fleas, heroines with totes, or everything is made of leather. Oh wait, that's not me, that's someone else I know....