Friday, November 27, 2009

The Friday Five

The end of NaNo is drawing near. So, this week's Friday Five:
Five things I plan to do after NaNo is done.
1. Sleep. I've been sleep-deprived for quite awhile now. I'm going to sleep late on Tuesday, and James and I will plan on having a late start to school.
2. Let the manuscript rest. I would do this anyway, but I have copy edits to finish on a different novel.
3. Go to the wrap-party. Last year our local group went to Buffalo Wild Wings for our wrap party and we had a blast.
4. Thank my family. They have really gone out of their way to make NaNo possible for me this year.
5. Reconnect with some people. Go out to lunch with my SIL, and start work on a project with her. We're going to assemble quilts made from some of my MIL's clothing. I'm really looking forward to spending time with Linda and enjoying some fun memories of Lorraine while we work.
What are you doing once November comes to a close?


  1. I'll be patiently (-; waiting for you to buzz me on IM

  2. How cool about the quilts! That is awesome! And enjoy your sleep! you deserve it. Excited to read/critique your story when you're ready to send it my way. :)

  3. Sleep is at the top of the list! I do want to keep some of my November pace for December, I"m anxious to start the revision process.

    How long do you step away from a manuscript after the first draft?

  4. I'm with CJ, patiently waiting, looking forward to December.

  5. LOVE this blog and as a jogger, loved your photo.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Hope to see you soon at!!

  6. I'm NaNo'ing, too, desperately trying to exceed my daily quota so as to not be flinging words at the page five minutes before the deadline!

    I'm working on a new novel so after the end of November I'll put it aside and go back to edits on a previous ms, and finally start some Christmas preparations. That's the problem with NaNoWriMo... ignoring absolutely everything else so that once it's over everything that was ignored is heaped up and waiting for me. ;)

  7. CJ, the clock's ticking. Only a few more days!

    Katie, I'm excited to send it to you once it's cleaned up. Right reeks a bit!

    Tamika, I'd love to let this one rest for the month of December, but I'll only give it about a week while I do other edits. I really want to get it to my crit partners by Jan 1st. Then I'll incorporate their crits and have it to my editor as soon as possible after that.

  8. Linda, we're going to have to do lunch and have some girl-time when this NaNo project is over! Yesterday was so fun.

    Patty, thanks for stopping by!

    Carol, isn't that the truth? I've got stuff piling up that I've put off, and some things I can't put off that I want to! This weekend is payroll for the company and the end of the month bookkeeping is beckoning. Blah!