Friday, November 20, 2009

The Friday Five

Okay, for years now I've been saying that the Christmas season is starting earlier and earlier each year, but this year I REALLY MEAN IT!
This is the earliest I've ever seen the Christmas season (retail) ramp up. I theorize that retailers fear a slow buying season and are hoping to stretch it out as long as possible to try to end the year in the black.
So, Five Signs Christmas Is Coming. (WICKED EARLY)
1. The Caribou Coffee Shop where I write started playing Christmas music before Halloween.
2. A commercial for "Better than Black Friday Sales." This store is trying to entice readers in with uber-sales that boast being better than the day after Thanksgiving sales.
3. My annual Heifers for the Holidays or Cows for Christmas cattle-log (get it?) showed up. I love this little booklet. I order things like a family of chickens or a goat for a family in Africa, then send a card to someone telling them the gift was given in their name.
4. My kids are working on their Christmas Piano pieces, and my son has been given a rendition of Feliz Navidad, a song that Sticks. In. My. Head.
5. I've already purchased a Christmas gift. Wild.
How about you? Any signs of the season where you are?
Blog tour bulletin:
Nov. 20th I’m visiting with Rachel Fernandes about the joys of historical research over at her blog And I'm making an encore appearance over at Seekerville, one of my favorite blogs! Stop by today!


  1. Christmas retail madness always starts up here before the end of Oct. We have no thanksgiving and not much of a halloween, so I guess they need something to promote sales!

  2. Boston Oldies station, WODS, started playing Christmas music all day and night long two weeks ago )-: Retailer, Target, was putting the seasonal Christmas items out before Halloween finished. Christmas trees and decorations were arranged next to the Halloween candy. )-: The store is now festooned with large red and white snow flakes. )-: With the retailers always starting the season so early, there's no more excitement to the build up of the holiday. More like holiday ennui

  3. My kids are practicing their Christmas songs too. They have a recital the week before Christmas and need to have their pieces memorized. I've heard Joy to the World about a hundred times--a day!

  4. Our mall had up Christmas decorations BEFORE halloween this year. Jeesh. Off to go check out SEekers! how fun!

  5. Merry Christmas!

    HAHA, now that I've been out of retail management for about 7 years I can finally--FINALLY--almost enjoy the extended season. You realize, of course, that Christmas is about 1/4 of the entire year.

    PS. I will never in this lifetime enjoy endless Christmas music. That is one thing retail management hardened me against forever!

  6. Yeah, it's early I think. No Christmas music yet, though. Thank goodness. I agree that it's probably because stores want some sales.

  7. Those catalogs sound amazing! I'm impressed. Yes, Christmas is everywhere. The only thing I really don't like so far is the GAP ad. It's super annoying.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I heard Christmas music in our grocery store the other day. I'm sure that's not normal. Usually it's Dec. 1 that that starts or later.

    Enjoy the tune sticking in your head. At least it's a nice one.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Erica!!

  9. Christmas music before Halloween is really bad. I've heard it, though, and seen lights for the past several weeks. Ahh!

    I have already bought at least 1/3 of my Christmas presents, which I am so grateful for. I love getting the shopping done early!

  10. It seems I'm shocked every year with how early Christmas decorations go up. I can't keep up!

  11. You've only bought one gift? I'm nearly done!