Friday, November 06, 2009

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five comes from a lesson I'm learning:
God is faithful, even when I am not at my spiritual best.
He continues to direct my life, to care for me, to watch over me, to love me, even when I'm wandering in a spiritual desert of my own making.
So, as I've been learning this, I've been talking to God about it and other things.
So, here are Five things I'm praying these days.
1. That God would be guiding our family through the process of 'launching' our oldest child next fall. The college selection process has been pretty smooth so far. Now it's a matter of getting the finances and my maternal instincts to jive with the fact that my daughter is going to college in less than 10 months.
2. For our family as we continue to grieve and heal after losing my MIL this past year to cancer.
3. For wisdom in balancing family, writing, bookkeeping, life.
4. Words, story ideas, plots, characters, themes. And that those that enter my head would be glorifying to God, and that they would be the BEST I can do.
5. Praising God for all the ways He has been working in my life. He is Good. All the time.
Today's blog tour spot is over at Drop on by and visit Vicki's blog. She's a great speaker and non-fiction writer who also happens to be a friend of mine. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing so honestly today, Erica. I think after the death of a loved one, we do especially have that time of spiritual dryness. But thankfully God created us and he understands how we are wired!

  2. You've been through some high highs and low lows this past year and handled it all with grace. I pray you see/sense/know that God is answering.

  3. Thanks for sharing your prayers so openenly, Erica! How's NaNo going for ya?

  4. It's wonderful that while God wants us to be holy and love him, his love and goodness isn't based on our hearts. :-)
    I hope God answers these prayers above all that you could ask or think. :-)

    btw, I'm hearing great stuff about Bartered Bride. *wink*

  5. Award for you on my blog, Erica - you can head over there to view, and either pass it along or not as you have time (no pressure). Know that you're appreciated. :-)


  6. This has been some year, hasn't it? I'll pray for you as you get ready to launch your daughter and as your family heals from your loss. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. You've had a tough year, Erica, and I'm sorry. Prayers to you!

  8. God is so faithful and I know He is in all of this, what your family has dealt with, what you're going to deal with, and all you're thinking and considering right now. Thank you for sharing with us today.

  9. Thank you to everyone! I'm blessed to have so many kind friends.

    Tomorrow I'm speaking at my church about what God has been teaching me through the writing process. I've really had to distill it down because there's so much I COULD say.

  10. Erica, I had no idea your oldest was heading to college next year. That's exciting and scary, for sure!

    Great prayers!