Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Achievment Testing

This week my son is working on his yearly standardized testing. As a homeschooler in the state of MN, we are required to administer a nationally norm-referenced battery of tests to our students each year.
My son enjoys these tests for the most part. A nice break from daily lessons. I like them because I read the directions, set the stopwatch going, and he works away.
I'll be using the testing time to write. The stopwatch will aid us both. Most of the tests are between 30 and 40 minutes long, so I will see how much I can get done writing while he sits across the desk from me and works on a spelling, vocabulary, math, social studies, or science test.
Question: How do you fit writing into your life? How can you use something in your life that you already do to help you in writing?


  1. This may sound silly but- I hoist this laptop where ever I roam. Kitchen. Bathroom. Work.

    There are always random moments that I squeeze writing in throughout the day.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I have no clue. I like Tamika's idea. Sometimes I sit and write outside while the kids play, but it's challenging.
    Hope your son does well!

  3. How do I fit writing in my life? I IM with authors. Is Nov. over yet?

  4. CJ, Nov is NOT over yet. It can't be! I have 20k words to write.

    As you can all see, I'm behind, so evidently I'm not fitting it into my life ;)

    PS. Interesting that MN has testing for hs'ers. We don't have that here.

  5. Standardized tests....sigh. We gave them already at my school. The kids HATE them. I'm not a huge fan of the results, but I do like having the extra planning time.

    I like challenging myself. Like if I have an hour to write, I'll challenge myself to see how many words I can get down. Maybe this speaks to my competitive side...

  6. Interesting that you have to give that test every year! I guess we have it pretty easy in Michigan! Hope you got a lot done today! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Erica!