Wednesday, October 14, 2009

While I Wait

This past week on Katie Ganshert's blog, she talked about 10 bad ways to wait for something.
I've harkened back to her list, and the next one on healthy ways to wait for something, a few times since they were first posted.
I stink at waiting. I'm better at it when I have no choice, but still, I wouldn't say I have an aptitude for it.
I've been waiting for my first book to arrive. And I've been doing a lot of the things on Katie's 'No-no' list.
Today's the day the book is supposed to start shipping. I'm on pins and needles, but I know I need to get on with my work. I have other obligations, other books to write, and another synopsis/proposal to put together.
If only I could turn off the anticipation meter and buckle down.
How do you wait? Any tips?


  1. I don't wait well either! Sometimes if I'm so anxious, I don't sleep well and then I'm grumpy AND anxioius! At least you're waiting for something very wonderful! That makes the waiting better, if not easier!

  2. Chocolate makes the wait easier, or at least tastier

  3. Oh, Erica, I wish I had some advice to give. But I do not. Because I know for a fact that if I were in your situations, I'd be jumping off the walls with negative concentration. I can't wait to get your book!!!! SQUEEE!!!

    Sorry...that probably did not help either. :)

  4. I simply love CJ's response.

    Actually, I just have to find other things to do. I can't just sit around waiting or I get mean and cranky, and sadly, that happens enough without me bringing it upon myself. Maybe it's reading. Perhaps it's writing that blog post I just thought of at the last minute. It could be just puttzing around the house, re-organizing the sock drawer, but I have to do something.

    Here's an interesting blog post idea: what's the difference between "waiting for your first book to arrive" and "waiting upon God"?

  5. No suggestions here--I'm the Queen of Impatience.

  6. Ugh, waiting is so hard! Sometimes I like to turn on music really loud. It has to be music that has words to it I can sing along. And then I sing really loud, too, and clean! Yup, I sing and clean the house. It takes my mind off waiting and it's something productive at the same time. Trust me, it's easier to forget about waiting when you do this than when you read blogs or watch television. And it's exercise, which I need after looking at all those blogs :D You should totally try it! Have a great day.

  7. Erica, sometimes we just need bask in the excitement, and I think waiting for your first book's arrival is an excellent time to do that! (Providing it doesn't go on for weeks and stretch into a month, that is.) You deserve this wonderful time of anticipation--savour every minute of it--you worked so hard to get here!

    That's my take, anyway!

  8. I'm not very patient, but if I were waiting on my very own book with my very own name on it, I think I would invite a friend to lunch, go get a manicure, pedicure and maybe even a facial. I probably worked extremely hard on that book and I deserve it. But that's just me. I don't typically indulge in such extravagance, but I would make an exception in this case.

    Have fun! I'm so excited for you!

  9. Thank you, to all of you. I've tried many of the things you've suggested.I got busy doing something else, I read a book, I worked on a proposal/synopsis, got out of the house, ran an errand. I even ate a little white chocolate.

    And when I got home, there was a package! Alas, not the books, but the next best thing. Cover flats! So cool. And shiny!

    Thank you to JoAnne for sending them.


  10. Wish I could help, but when you are waiting for your book it is always in the front of your mind. Almost like being a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I would go with Eileen's suggestion and bask in the excitement.