Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We interrrupt normal blogging...

WOOHOO!!! Take a look at this fabulous trailer made by CJ over at Pony Express Graphics!

Thank you so much, CJ. It looks amazing, and I love the music...and everything about it.

If you're looking for a media trailer or website, beetle on over to Pony Express Graphics and check out CJ's many services.


  1. Awesome, Erica! Just met CJ and am looking forward to getting to know her! She seems like a very talented lady!

  2. Fantastic trailer, Erica! What an amazing week you're having. Good for you.

  3. Wait...isn't CJ from Boston and has never ventured outside that fair city for "There Be Dragons" everywhere else? If this is that famous (or infamous, I'll let you determine that one) CJ, then I find it very ironic that she uses Pony Express Graphics as part of the logo design here. I'm guessing she's never even seen a real live horse riden by a real live cowboy (or Pony Express rider!).

    Anyway, really cool video trailer. I'll have to use it when I blog tour your book!

  4. That is way cool! Way to go CJ!

  5. Jody, Cj is VERY talented. And loads of fun too. :)

    Heather, it has been a good week!

    Kevin, I'll let CJ reply for herself. :)

    Jessica, thanks!

    Linda, :D

  6. Lovely book trailer. The music was perfect. Way to go, Erica and CJ.