Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This last Friday, Rochester got hit with a blizzard. Out of the blue. Nobody expected a half a foot of very wet snow, slick streets, power outages, and dangerous travel conditions. It's only October, after all!
I was at the coffee shop when the snow started. I had hoped to capitalize on a great writing day the day before and keep that momentum up. Thursday I'd written a solid 2800 words that I was actually happy with. I no sooner got settled in at Caribou with my Earl Grey and a reduced-fat orange-cranberry scone, when fat flakes started flying down past the windows.
And they didn't stop. Half an hour later, an inch of snow lay on the ground and started sticking on the road. I decided I'd better get home before it really got bad. Just as well. I made a quick stop at the grocery store (along with a lot of other people) and by the time I got home, there had to be at least three inches.
Once home, I thought maybe I'd settle in and try to write some more. But the power went out. And stayed out. For 14+ hours. No lights, no heat, and because we're on a well with an electric pump, no water. Sigh. The family and I built a jigsaw puzzle by candlelight, told stories, played word games, and hung out.
But I didn't get to capitalize on my writing momentum. The unexpected had come in and lingered.
I'm trying to learn to be flexible, and to factor into my plans the unexpected. Things will always come up. Things will always pull at my attention. The trick is, to roll with the punches, and be disciplined when I do have time to write.
How about you? Anything unexpected crop up this week that made you change your writing plans? How did you handle it?
*** Speaking of unexpected, God has brought quite a few unexpected things into my life in the last 24 hrs! My galley proofs for The Marriage Masquerade arrived. Yay! And the proposal I was working on is officially on hold for the moment. Time to focus on getting the galley proofs returned, and then I'll focus on tidying up the storyline for my NaNo novel.***
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  1. My toddler got a cold yesterday, which was my birthday, and naturally I had plans. I changed them because you just can't take a sick bubba out and about. I ended up meeting a girlfriend for coffee and spending the rest of the day at home cuddling my little one. that's motherhood though. The unexpected is almost to be expected. I fit writing around my life. If it doesn't happen today, it will happen. I am committed to writing for at least two hours a day. Often I get in four or five hours. But on days like yesterday I just go with the flow :)

    By the way, your book arrived safely. When am I hosting you on my blog again for your blog tour? Sorry, I have misplaced that date :)

  2. I can't believe how early snow is coming this year. I think we're expecting some tonight also. When writing time appears, I do try to make the most of it because with little ones around, more often then not something else takes precedent.

  3. I'm jealous you got the snow. I absolutely love the first snow falls, especially storms. They leave such beauty. I pray the whole time for safe travels for everyone, but the beauty keeps me from asking for it to stop. May God send a multitude of angels out to man the roads on those days. I was expecting you to say that you couldn't write for all the excitement in watching the snow fall. Such a kid I am when it comes to snow.

    Not so fun with the power outage. I'll pray you get great word count in today, Erica!

    P.S. I'm still waiting to receive my order of your book! Man, I hate how slow our postal service is at times.

  4. That snow was really beautiful, and such huge snowflakes. You can come down here if you don't have heat, you know.

  5. Nothing unexpected over my weekend. It was quietly productive and relaxing, which I really, really appreciated.

  6. The marriage masquerade is an awesome title! I love it!
    Also, are you in Rochester, MN? Or is it a different state... I can't remember.
    Yes, this happens to me all the time. Naptime comes and I think, oh, I'll just play on the blogs. I can write tonight. And then hubby will invite peope over and poof, my writing time is gone.
    I need to just make the time and DO it. :-)

    I'm glad you all didn't freeze!

  7. Baby number three was unexpected--so that's brought a lot of my writing to a stand still. But he's worth it.

    But recently, our condo's water heater died. I had to deal with that all long distance. Lots of phone calls, lots of frustration, but God provided a water heater for us in an amazing way.

  8. Tabitha, happy belated birthday. And kudos to you for being committed to two hours a day. That's a lot with a busy family.

    G- I'm more and more grateful for uninterrupted writing time, and I'm learning to be more flexible about when that time isn't so uninterrupted. :)

  9. Eileen, I love the snow if I don't have to be out in it. :) Hopefully your book will arrive soon!

    Linda, we will invade if this happens again! It was not so much fun as we would have there. :)

    Cindy, yay for a relaxing weekend! I hope you got all re-charged for the week ahead!

  10. Jessica, yeah, I'm in Minnesota. We should expect the cold weather, but not this early! Eeek!

    Sally, still praying that house sells. Are you going to blog how God got you a water heater??

  11. Car problems put a chink in my schedule this week. And it's way too early for snow. I want some Indian summer days to enjoy the sunroom!