Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three Ingredient Thursday

This week's Three Ingredient Thursday:
Crock-pot Turkey!
Frozen Turkey Breast (I chose a boneless, but bone in is fine)
1 Can Cranberry Sauce
1 Envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix
Mix cranberry sauce and onion soup together. Pour over turkey breast in the crock pot. Cook on low for 8 hrs, or high for 4 hrs.
I tried this recipe last week, and it was a HUGE hit with the family. The sauce made a terrific gravy for mashed potatoes.
This recipe would be great for someone cooking Thanksgiving dinner for two-four people and doesn't want to roast an entire turkey.
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  1. Did you thaw the turkey first or put it in the crockpot frozen? I put frozen chicken breasts in a crockpot one time and the crockpot cracked.

  2. Wow, that looks easy. I never thought about using a crockpot.

  3. Sounds yummy. I wonder if it'd work for chicken breasts? Hopefully my crock pot wouldn't crack like CJ's...

  4. Cj, I didn't thaw the turkey breast first. The recipe said to go from frozen.

    Jennifer, it was easy-peasy! And delish!

    Georgiana, I can't think why it wouldn't work with chicken as well as turkey.

  5. That sounds delicious.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite menu, I just can't cook it!

    Will you put your book trailer on the blog? That sounds like a great idea, and thanks for the link.

  6. What an interesting sounding recipe. I'm going to try it!

    And this reminded me that I need to get my Special of the Week up on my blog.


  7. That sounds way too easy. I'm almost afraid to try it.

  8. Anonymous2:24 PM

    It was delish! It was the perfect size too. There were enough leftovers for one day, without having to eat leftovers for weeks like when we cook a whole turkey.


  9. Mmmmmmm, I'll be trying this one too!

  10. I got your books, I got your books, I got your books. Doing the happy dance now!!!!

  11. Okay, now that I read the actual post. I wish I had read it earlier today. I've had a turkey roll in the crock pot all day. Could have used this simple, sounds-delicious recipe. Next time I will.

    Putting Lipton Onion Soup envelopes on my shopping list. Always can the cran jelly on hand!!!

  12. Tamika, you can view the book trailer by scrolling down a bit on this blog, or by using this url:

    There is another more book-specific trailer in the works as we speak. This one is for promoting me and the book title, the next one will be about the story itself. Cool, huh?

  13. Linda, next time I make it, we'll have you over to sample some! Maybe on a card-club night. Yeah, I gotta get that rolling!

  14. Carla, I love your Specials. They all sound so yummy!

    Steph, trust me, I'm no Betty Crocker. If I can make it, anyone can! :)

  15. Heather, I'm glad you liked it. And I hope you're enjoying next week's recipe for supper tonight :)

    Jess, let me know how you like the turkey!

    Eileen YAY! I'm so glad the book arrived! Woohoo!

    And yay for shopping lists and easy recipes!

  16. I've heard that to keep the crock pot from cracking when using frozen meat, you need to make sure there is a layer of liquid in the bottom of the crockpot. This is to prevent cold juices from the meat hitting the hot crock causing it to break.