Friday, October 23, 2009

The Friday Five

Recently my dad sent us a few photo cd's and this little gem was amongst them. My daughter at two, making her squinch face.
All these photos got me to thinking that I had a pretty great childhood. Lots of good memories. So, today is a walk down memory lane.
Five things I remember from my childhood.
1. Racing home from school to get chores and homework done in time to watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie. I'm pretty sure I had a crush on Albert, and I thought Almanzo was dreamy.
2. Playing with my sister. We shared a room and each of our twin beds would be come a houseboat, the carpet the ocean, and all our dolls, blankets, and stuffed animals covered the beds.
3. Friday Fright Night. My brother and sister watched horror movies on Friday nights. Those kinds of movies gave me terrible nightmares, so my mom and I would play board games upstairs. One night while we were playing cribbage, we heard footsteps pounding up the stairs. They got so scared at one point they pelted up the stairs, then tried to fly casual, like they weren't scared but were just coming up to see how the game was going.
4. Putting my brother in my dad's swivel recliner and spinning him round and round in it until he got sick. :) It was his idea, honest.
5. Getting a VCR. How cool was that? You could watch movies, stop, play, rewind, fast forward, and whenever you wanted! Remember Be Kind, Rewind stickers on tapes from the video rental store?
How about you, any fun childhood memories?
Today is my day to guest blog on Seekerville. Please visit and get a peek at my research bookshelf.
And jump on over to to read her take on The Bartered Bride.


  1. I love walking down memory lane! Your memories made me smile. What a cute picture. Have a super duper Friday!

  2. Cute little face!

  3. Yep, lots of fun ones. :-) We used our imaginations alot.
    I liked Almanzo too!

  4. I loved watching Little House on the Prairie, only I'm old enough to have watched them during their first seasons!!

    Great memories, Erica. Doesn't childhood memories just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? I'm so greatful that my parents gave me that! Need to call and thank them for it, too.

  5. Be kind rewind. LOL!! I DO remember those. How fun to grow up with siblings close in age!

  6. Hello Erica! I wandered over from Seekerville today. Wonderful post there, by the way! I can totally relate to the book addiction. I actually counted mine the other night. Let's just say I topped 700 (grin).

    Thanks for sharing these memories! Brought back a few of my own.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. hehehe, she still makes that face!

  8. I remember getting our first video game-Pong!

    And I was looking through some old photos and there were pictures playing croquet with Grandma V.

    And Friday night at our house was auction night, Mom and I would stay home and play Canasta.

    I hope my kids have the same happy feelings about their growing up days.

  9. Katie, isn't she a cutie-patootie? Still adorable at 17 too. :D

    CJ, Happy Friday!

    Jessica, I read and reread Farmer Boy until it got to be embarrasing. :)

  10. Eileen, We watched the later years in prime time, but the earlier ones I had to wait until reruns. I got some from the library not too long ago and remembered all over again why I loved that show.

    Georgiana, I'm the middle kid of three. My sister is 18 mos older and my brother 3 years younger. It was great growing up with siblings, though at the time I'm sure I reckoned it a rather mixed blessing. :)

  11. Jen, thanks for stopping by! Is there anything better than books? Nope, not much!

    JP, finally decoded the ID and yeah, she does make that face still. :D

    Linda, we had PONG too! Good times.

  12. Such a cute picture! And I love your list of memories. VCR's were quite the invention, weren't they? Love it! And I watched Little House all the time. I hated Nelly.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Lol...great picture of your daughter. My mom has some of me that she's going to pull out next year for my high school graduation(I'm 17 too) : ) I know of one specifically where I'm baking in my underwear with Grandma when I'm about 4 years oldish...*blush*

    I own ALL of the Little House books in all of the series. In Laura's, her daughter's, her mom, and grandma...there might be one other series too...? Lol. I LOVED them sooo much!

  14. The first memory that popped into my mind was trying to form a girl group with my friends in 2nd grade. We were going to be The New Girls On the Block, and sing all the New Kids on the Block songs, but just change the lyrics so it made sense to sing them as a girl. I remember rehearsing a couple times during recess.

  15. Your list reminded me of watching horror movies with my my brother on Saturday mornings. The good, old-fashioned, suspensful kind---no blood and gore.

    I am a huge Little House fan. My 10yo and I were watching it the other day and I realized that Almanzo was really handsome. I didn't pay much attention to that fact when I was a kid!

    Really enjoying your blog. Glad I found you!

  16. Jill, I hated Nellie too! That was the worst insult I could think of to give to my sister when she was being bossy. "You're such a Nellie Olson!" :P

    Hannah, I think we all have those kinds of pictures that our parents say they'd like to use for blackmail. :D I know my folks had some. And they used them when I got engaged. :D

  17. Lol! Luckily, my mom doesn't have to worry about me getting engaged any time soon : /

  18. Great memories. Thanks for sharing.