Monday, October 05, 2009



My bookmarks arrived. They are sooooo pretty. At least I think so.

Only a few more days until the book starts shipping. My heart starts jumping every time I think about it.

One thing that has crossed my mind frequently in recent days is something that Angela Hunt said as the Keynote Speaker of the 2008 ACFW Conference.

We're all muddling in the middle. There is always someone behind you on this writing journey, and there will always be someone farther along, or more advanced than you, more skilled, more experienced.

No matter where you are on the journey, reach back to help those behind, , join with those in about the same place as you, and be humble enough to learn from those who are ahead.

I've had many people who have helped me along the way, and are still helping me. Every time I sit in on a workshop, read a craft book, or read an excellently written novel, someone farther along in the process helps me out.

I try to help those who haven't been doing this as long or haven't had the experiences that I've had. But you know what? I learn through helping others, too.

So, are you being helped by someone? Are you paying it back by helping someone else? After all, we're all muddling in the middle.

***A big Happy Birthday to my beloved husband. I couldn't muddle in the middle without you!***


  1. What a great quote! Congrats on the bookmarks and almost ship date. :-)

    I don't know if I'm helping anyone at this moment, but I hope that I will when given the opportunity. And I def. hope I'll have a teachable spirit to learn from those ahead of me.

  2. I have this SUPER awesome lady who helps me. I can email her with any writing question and she is very gracious to answer and help me. Funnily enough, I think you know her. ;)

    LOVE the bookmarks!

  3. There was a quote I heard in a workshop with Gail Vick and Marijo Carney. Not sure of the attribute or the exact wording: "My left hand is being held by someone who knows more than I. I am learning. My right hand is being held by someone who knows less than I. I am teaching. Thus both my hands must be held for me to be."

  4. Btw, the bookmarks are gorgeous!

  5. Happy birthday, Erica's hubby!!!

    Being in a critique group, I do help others, but mostly I'm being mentored. I need to put more effort into helping those just starting out, though. Everyone just seems so far advanced from me. I'm spoiled to gain from their expertise!

  6. Oh, and, yes, I love the bookmarks. I can feel your giddiness over them--it's awesome!!!!!

  7. The bookmarks are beautiful. Not long now!

    And Happy Birthday Bro!

  8. Those are some nifty bookmarks, Erica!

    I do so love the writing community and the faithful friends who are always there to help :D

    Happy b-day to hubster.

  9. Oooh! Very nice bookmarks!

    Happy b-day to your hubby! :)

  10. Beautiful bookmarks, and Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    It's so important to me that I help other people on their journey. If I didn't have all the support I have and the help I've been given, I wouldn't be where I am now. I wouldn't be as encouraged as I am now about my future of writing.

  11. Jessica, it was such a delight to meet you at ACFW, and with your sweet spirit, I don't think you have any worries about being teachable. And the beauty of this weird writer's life is: there will be plenty of opportunities to be taught and to teach. :)

    Katie, LOVE the new picture of you! So gorgeous.

  12. CJ, your quote fits so perfectly! It's the truth. I feel like I'm holding hands with so many other writers and artists, and we're all helping each other along the way.

    Eileen, you give plenty of mentorship through The Pearl Girls. I love that name for a crit group! And yeah, I'm pretty giddy about how close the book is getting to release date. :D

    Linda, I'll pass along the birthday wishes, and I have some bookmarks for you when I see you today. :D

  13. Georgiana, thanks for being one of my hand holders!

    Jennifer, I'll pass along your birthday wishes. I'm filling out my grocery list to get the ingreds. for the DH's favorite Buster Bar Dessert.

    Cindy, you are so right. Nothing keeps me more hopeful about my writing future than the encouragement of my writing buddies!

  14. What a wonderful quote to hold on to! I am muddling in the middle, and I thank God everyday for each you that post about your journey, experience, and expertise.

    I love the idea of bookmarks. That sounds like a wonderful marketing tool! I hope to borrow it one day.

    Blessings to you...

  15. Oh, how exciting to get the book marks! Now you'll have to let us know what you're planning to do with them? Are you taking them to the bookstores?

    And I love being able to help other writers. And as you said, in the process of helping we're often rewarded too!

  16. Beautiful bookmars, Erica! I hear the excitement buzzing in the air.

  17. BookMARKS, with a K. Fast fingers this morning.

  18. Awesome bookmarks! How exciting to have something tangible to promote with! Your post was encouraging to me, to know we are all in the middle. There's always someone in front or behind you on the journey. I love that thought! Thanks for a great post!

  19. Tamika, my publisher provides the bookmarks for me. I had a choice of bookmarks or post cards, and I opted for the bookmarks. Those seemed easier for me to hand out, something pretty and useful, and it tells about the book. :)

    Jody, as soon as my books actually arrive, I'll be taking bookmarks and a copy of the book to area bookstores. I'm carrying bookmarks in my purse now all the time (remember Candace Calvert's advice at breakfast the last morning of ACFW?) so I have something tangible and ready to hand out when the subject of my book comes up. I just wish I knew how to talk about it more naturally, you know?

  20. Carla, thanks, you doll, you!

    Sherrinda, it IS exciting and encouraging to know we're all just somewhere in the process. Nobody's 'made it' and nobody's as brand new as they were yesterday.

  21. Gorgeous bookmarks!! You must be sooooo excited!! And I'm excited for you! Have a great night with your hubby!

  22. congrats on the bookmarks! i bet that's almost as exciting as seeing the book itself. *almost*

    i'm muddling in the middle of blogosphere world. seriously read blog drama below.

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