Monday, October 19, 2009

The Blog Tour Calendar!

It's time! For the past few weeks, I've been busy scheduling blog tour stops to get the word out about my debut novel.

Oct 19th I’ll be a guest blogger at the blogosphere home of Barbour Fictions editors. I’ll be talking about researching period language and my love of words.

Oct. 20-21st Join me on Patty Wysong’s blog: at to find out what I procrastinate doing, and some of my strange habits.

Oct. 23rd Seekerville! Come join me at one of the liveliest writer blogs on the web where I’m guest blogging and you can get a peek at my research books and how I use them to add depth and authenticity to my fiction. And another shout out to Mary Connealy for linking to the post from her blog:

Oct. 26-30th I’m chatting with CJ all week at about the road to publication, book trailers, and how our friendship has developed over the years.

Nov. 2nd Georgiana Daniels, crit-bud and friend, is interviewing me. Check it out at

Nov. 3rd Another crit buddy and up and coming author, Katie Ganshert, is interviewing one of my characters over at Drop in to find out more about crusty old Abraham Kennebrae and his plans for his grandsons and his financial empire.

Nov. 4th Sweet Rose McCauley is hosting me at Rose was one of the first ladies to volunteer to host The Bartered Bride on her website. Also, today, my good friend and fellow Kansan, Stephanie Morrill, is interviewing me about how I work with my daughter, Heather, in plotting my stories. You can find that interview at

Nov. 5th Join me today at Jess Ferguson’s blog, where I’m guest blogging on the topic of being a Timid Marketer. You can find Jess on the web at: And over at Carla Stewart is interviewing me about my writing journey.

Nov. 6th Fellow Rochester MN writer Vicki Tiedi is hosting a stop on The Bartered Bride Blog tour. Jump on over to to read all about it.

Nov. 9th Lori Chally at is interviewing one of my characters today. Lori’s a fellow Calvary Bible College grad and outstanding author. Go check it out! And my pastor, Kevin Sorensen, is reviewing The Bartered Bride at so stop by and take a gander at what a pastor thinks of my book.

Nov. 10th Today’s Betsy St. Amant’s day! Visit her blog to read an interview. Her blog can be found at

Nov. 11th Join me with the hilarious Krista Phillips at She is a hoot! And today at I’m blogging about historical research, the US Cavalry, and more. Sweet Mary Connealy also gave the P&P blog post a mention at Thanks, Mary! And, last, but certainly not least, I’m blogging on the topic of the week over at Jody Hedlund’s blog Jody just signed a three book contract to write historical romance for Bethany House Publishers, and WOW, does she know her medieval torture methods! Also, friend Carole Brown at will be hosting a stop along the blog tour today too.

Nov. 12th I’m Down Under with Tabitha Bird talking about the wonderful world of writing category romance. Hop on over, and join in the discussion. What are your perceptions of category romance? Have any of you encountered any of the same responses I have? Tabitha’s blog is Also, visit where the fabulous Camy Tang is is letting me hang with her today.

Nov. 13th Writing friend and Kansan, Sally Bradley, has an interview with me at and while you’re there, check out her editing service. She’s stellar!

Nov. 16th Fellow Heartsong author, Myra Johnson, and I are chatting at AND I’m hosting her right here at OTWP on the same day. Our debut Heartsongs are both releasing in the same November cycle. Isn’t that cool? AND, the amazing missionary Lisa Harris is talking about The Bartered Bride this week. Check out her fascinating blog

Nov. 17th It’s guest blog day! The topic of discussion today over at Cindy Wilson’s blog is about overcoming obstacles in the writing journey. And at JamieD’s place you can read the first chapter of The Bartered Bride.

Nov. 18th Tiffany Stockton, fellow Heartsong Author, fan fiction writer, and lover of historical things, is interviewing me today at A Fiction Filled Life Blog, found at . Lynda Schab, lit writer extraordinaire, has an interview at

Nov. 19th I’m back at JamieD’s blog with a guest blog on the themes I like to explore in my writing and the lessons God is teaching me through those themes.

Nov. 20th Happy Friday. Today I’m visiting with Rachel Fernandes about the joys of historical research over at her blog Stop by today!

Nov. 23rd Valerie Comer at is reprising a guest post I did for her awhile back. And check out Jeannie Campbell’s blog for another interview. Visit blog home of Cathy Bryant and check out some of her amazing author questions.

Nov. 24th More of my guest post with Valerie Comer at

Nov. 25th
Nov. 26th Happy Thanksgiving, folks!
Nov. 27th

Nov. 30th Today I’m at visiting with Eileen Astels Watson about this crazy writing journey, romance, and so much more. Stop on by to meet this sweet woman.

I've been so blessed by blogging friends who are willing to have me stop by and talk with them and their readers about my book and this writing life. I encourage you to visit these blogs. You might stumble upon a previously unknown treasure and start up a new friendship. And there will be lots of chances to win a copy of The Bartered Bride.

I'll be reposting the list and putting in a reminder of where the blog tour has moved each day. Remember, today's post is at:


  1. Oh wow! What a list! But it looks great! I'm always watching to see how you're doing things, Erica, since I'm trailing behind you a bit! You'll have to give me some tips once you're done with this whirlwind tour!

  2. You're going to be one busy woman! Can't wait to read the posts! How fun!

  3. Exciting times!!! I'm so proud of you, and it's been a privelege to be along for the ride.

  4. Wow, what a schedule! I'll be seeing you around Seekerville and will try to stop by one of your other tours too. :-) Congrats Erica. This is exciting stuff!

  5. Busy, busy, busy! Just found you today over at the Edit Cafe. I'll enjoy keeping up with you in your travels through blogland. Love your post where you received your books in the mail. How exciting! Adding your blog to my faves.

  6. I'm soooo impressed with your line-up!! I can't wait to make all the stops. Have fun getting ready for the big release!

  7. Jody, hope your edits are going well. I'm excited about this blog tour and seeing how everything goes. I'm sure it will be a learning period, in fact, it has already been!

    Katie, It will be busy, esp. with Nano, but hopefully I can pull it off. I hope your book arrived today!

  8. Georgiana, I couldn't have made it this far without you!

    Jess, hope to see you along the tour. Isn't Seekerville the best?

    MaryB. Thank you for stopping by both The Edit Cafe and OTWP. I hope you enjoy reading here!

    Jill, thank you! I'm so excited I can hardly think!

  9. Eileen, I LOVE the new picture! What a vibrant color! You look so pretty.

  10. Three things:

    1. Your book is SO pretty
    2. I LOVE how you signed it
    3. Here are your five words: s'mores, satisfaction, outer space, shots, crutch

    Freud might have a hayday with the five words I've been throwing at people...I just type whatever pops into my head. Looking forward to reading what you do with these. :)