Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interesting Signs

Here are some fun signs we saw on our vacation.

This one says "Protected by Pinkerton's National Detective Agency, Inc." 1880's Town, Murdo, SD.

Um, Yikes! These signs were all over the Badlands. I stayed on the path and wished I had a stick.

A rather silly sign we saw in the 1880's Town near Murdo, SD.

Yeah, we went in and looked around. A cowgirl museum in Cheyenne, WY.

Now, who could pass up a deal like this??? Manitou Springs, CO.

This one slayed me. Sure am glad they commemorated the non-event. Murdo, SD.


  1. Love the last one:) Nothing happened...yeah I be there are other things on many tourist routes that need this sign... :)

  2. Your signs reminded me that on vacation we saw an interesting sign. We were at Mesa Verde at the beginning of a walking trail to one of the Indian cliff dwellings. The first sign said, "No food or drinks on trail"; the next sign (on the same post) said, "Bring plenty of drinking water".

  3. Fun. I love the Dirty Nellie! Poor girl what a way to be remembered.

  4. Good morning, Tabitha. Yeah, that last sign made me laugh when I saw it.

    And there were a good many places along the route where nothing happened and yet tourists gathered to see it. :)

    Vera, that's hilarious. Once when we were in Omaha, there was a road sign that said "Right lane ends, merge left" and on the opposite side of the road, a sign said "Construction ahead. Left Lane Ends, Merge Right." EEK!

    CJ, there were a bunch of those old 'Gravestones.' Some were funny, and some were sad. Probably the saddest one I saw was an old "Unknown Indian" grave marker that the US Gov't used on a reservation. Evidently these anonymous gravestones were used on some reservations.

  5. Erica, fun signs! I love the one about the potato :D My family grew up near Manitou Springs, CO and some of them still live there. We visit every once in a while. Pretty place!

  6. LOL! Those are hilarious! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  7. Great signs! What a way to commemorate your journeys.

    Poor Nellie.