Monday, September 21, 2009

Genre - Lits

Today's Genre is Lits. There are lots of types of lits out there: Chick Lit, Hen Lit, Lad Lit, Redneck Lit, etc.
I'm not a big reader of Lits, mostly because the ones I can find often feature power-women with an obsession for totally unpronounceable Italian shoes and froo-froo foods I wouldn't eat if you paid me.
But what makes a book a lit? Is it only the designer handbag? Nope, though that's often the stereotype that many (and even I, I'll confess) cling to.
Lit: A humorous, mostly first-person, story that involves predominately female characters in a journey of self-discovery. This journey may or may not involve a romance (often a choice for the heroine between the guy she's always dreamed of and the dream guy she doesn't see right under her nose) but the romance is less important that the lesson the heroine learns about herself. Humor, wit, and all the modern conveniences are hallmarks of Lit.
Lit isn't selling great right now, though that will most likely change in the future. Face it, three years ago no one was buying historical romance, and now that's what editors are all looking for.
The Queen of Christian Lit is undoubtedly Kristin Billerbeck, author of What a Girl Wants and others in the Ashley Stockingdale series. I had a hard time relating to Ashley, because she's a patent lawyer in Silicon Valley, and she knows her Jimmy Choos from her Gucci loafers.
My very favorite lit author is Georgiana Daniels, whose stories are side-splittingly funny. I'm constantly amazed at how Georgiana throws BOMBS at her characters and stands back to see which way they explode.
So, are you a lit writer or reader? I actually placed First in the 2008 Genesis Contest in the Lit category with a Sandwich Lit entry called Pam on Rye, a story of a woman who is stuck between her teenaged children and her aging parents. Someday, when this story isn't so poignant and fresh in my own life, I'd like to go back to it and see how it turns out. :)


  1. are SO sweet :D Thank you for enjoying my drive-by bomb throwing, LOL!

    I do so love a good lit. I love to laugh, and the intimacy in a good first person story will keep me hooked in a story all night. I miss lit!!!!

    I also miss Pam on Rye. Please revive her someday!

  2. I'll have to try Georgiana's books--they sound delightful! I'm enjoying seeing all the pics from conference--congrats on making it back!

  3. totally a fan of chick lit. allie plieter told me to wait until the genre came back to submit the manuscript she critiqued. and i will totally do that rather than change to third. :)

    great to meet you...and thanks for mailing my box o books for me!!

  4. Yeah, I loved Pam on Rye too. Misery loves company

  5. G, I do love your drive-by bombs. :)

    Jill, thanks, the conference was wonderful, and I'm not done processing everything. That will take weeks!

    Jeannie, my pleasure, and it was a delight to meet you, too.

    CJ, PoR is my "maybe someday" book right now. I will probably go back to it when it isn't so fresh in my own reality.

  6. I LOVE Christian chick-lit! But I was okay with Billerbeck. But I adore Camy Tang and Tracey Bateman. ;)

  7. My favorite lit type books were the Clair series which I'm not sure who authored! Clair Knows Best, I Love Clair and Leave it to Claire. Those were so funny.
    Pam on Rye would make a great book - but then, I always liked the title and the premise. Almost feel like Pam's godmother since I was "there" when she was birthed.
    Will have to try Georgiana's book - it sounds like fun.