Monday, September 14, 2009

Genre - Historical Romance

So, Today's Genre is dear to my heart. Historical Romance. It's what I write. It's my genre of choice to read most days.
So what is Historical Romance?
Again from the ACFW Genesis Contest Site:
Historical Romance: Novels or sagas set in any location, but in which the time frame of the majority of the story is a historical context rather than a contemporary one. The time period can be up to and including the Vietnam era. The love story is the main focus of the novel, and the end of the book is emotionally satisfying. The stories in this category can be dramatic or comedic.
Historical romances are first and foremost romances. Set in the past. From Biblical times up to and including the Vietnam era. (though most publishers steer clear of anything set after WWII because it is a hard sell--face it, people don't want to buy something labeled historical when it might have happened during their lifetime. I was born during the Vietnam era, so I don't want to hear that I'm historical. :) )
There are many sub-genres in Historical Romance:
Civil War
Gilded Age
to name a few.
So, what appeals to me about historicals?
First: I'm a history geek. If it happened in the past, I'm interested in it. I'd rather go to a museum than a mall. Next month I have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the MN Historical Society to visit the conservation rooms and talk to a conservationist. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Yup, a history geek.
Second: I often feel that historicals take me deeper into a story, take me farther away from my real life into the story world than a contemporary romance. Also I'm very old-fashioned compared to the average gal, and I often feel more in common with historical characters than with contemorary stories. Face it, I wouldn't know a pair of Prada shoes from a pair of Payless knock-offs, and I don't own a cell phone (YET!)
Third: Historicals are fun!
In my mind, These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder is a wonderful Historical Romance, and the first I can recall reading. And Re-reading. I first read it in third grade, so I've been reading historical romance for a long time.
Currently: Calico Canyon was far and away the best book, not just the best historical romance I read all of last year. I was so happy when Mary was nominated for a Christy Award for this terrific book. She deserved it!
So, read any good historical romances lately?


  1. Thanks for that wonderful description of historical romance! They're my favorite to write and read too!

  2. I love Mary Connealy's historicals, but other than her, and Tiffany's I don't read much historical, probably because I write contemporary.

    Will yours be on sale at the conference? I'll be sure to pick one up if it is!

  3. I didn't read a lot of historical romances until this year. But now that I've read a few (some from newer authors, too) I've found I really enjoy them. So it will be great to read your book :D

  4. I read Laura Ingalls and my favorite is Eugenia Price and Bodie Thoene.

  5. Nice breakdown of HR! I just read a historical romance last night. Her Notorious Viscount by Jenna Peterson--delightful!

  6. Take me with you on that "backstage" trip next month!!

    Love Thine Enemy by Louise Gouge. It's a LIH so it's off the shelf now, but CBD and Amazon still have it. Very good. 1775 in British East Florida. The sequel comes out in March.

  7. Because of you, I've come to enjoy historical romances. (-: