Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Under Construction

Here's my boy, dressed as a construction worker/crossing guard/something or other at the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum.
At the moment, I have a couple of construction projects going. While my son is at camp this week, we're doing a "While you were out" makeover of his bedroom. New paint, curtains, bedspread, wall paper border, closet system, the works. And hopefully (though it won't happen this week) a new bed.
I'm really enjoying what I've gotten done so far (a lot of shopping and room prep) and looking forward to painting and everything else. A chance to step away from the keyboard and do something different. A chance to let my mind wander to story ideas and plots and characters while my hands are busy doing something else.
My other construction project is One Sheets for the conference. I've got two ready, and two more to do. Upon the advice of my wise and sagacious crit partner, I need to do some heavy-duty rewrites of the sample chapters for one of the stories. It is a ressurection of a previous work, and as she so aptly pointed out in a recent crit, the writing, while adequate, isn't in the voice she's come to recognize as mine. Too many of my early-writing trappings are there. She suggested just outlining the story scenes that I had, then going back and rewriting them without looking at the old manuscript. Letting the writer I am now form the story I thought of back then.
Occasionally, a particularly pithy piece of advice will clobber me over the head, and the resultant ringing resonates in my skull. She's right. She's so very right. And she showed me a killer place to begin the opening scene. Now, if I could just get all the painting done that I need to so I can get all the writing done that I want to! :)
So what about you? What projects do you have going? Anything under construction? Do renovation/decorating/creative ideas in one area spark your writing?


  1. I have to edit my first manuscript. It has already been professionally edited and I have feed back from another editor too, now I have to go back and pull that house apart! DANG! Not fun. Needless to say, I have done nothing....

  2. I'm working on the rough draft for my wip. I think it's pretty BLAH right now. I'm plodding my way through, but it sure seems...well, blah. And I have to get my pitch ready! YIKES!

    That's awesome about your son's room! So cool!

  3. Just finished painting my girls' room two shades of pink and getting them new bedding. It was a weekend project and was messy while we were in it, but it looks so cute now!

    I'm wading through research for my next novel and there are times I'm not finding what I need and that's frustrating! I just can't wait until I have enough research to start writing!

  4. I love to paint. Too bad you didn't live closer, I'd give you a hand.

  5. We're still working on renovating the kitchen. I'm taking a break with critiques on one book and even slowing down on my WIP. Too much going on in life right now and my family needs my attention. But, my characters are still making an impression in my mind. I'm working them through some scenes so when I get back to writing, they'll have something to do :)

  6. I hope you took some before pictures, then you can do after pictures and post for us! It's funny what nurtures our creativity. I like to crochet, as painting would be a mess.

    Off to look up sagacious....

  7. I'm constructing a short video to go along with a novel I wrote. Lost the sound file I bought somewhere on the computer and now I have to do a little 'mining' to find it.

  8. I just got back one inspection (critique) from my latest building project (manuscript). Am waiting on a second inspection before I move the walls around and paint some of the scenes a new color.

  9. Tabitha, you can do it. Entire book edits are so daunting, but a bite at a time sees the job done. :)

    Katie, blah's okay for a first draft. You'll throw some conflict and excitement at it on rewrites. :)

    Jody, awww...pink little girls' rooms...so sweet. My girl is all about blue and yellow. She's never been about pink.

    CJ, if you were closer, I'd take you up on that. I love to rolling, but not so much the cutting in around the edges.

  10. Cindy, the only thing more trying than kitchen renovations is bathroom renovations. It's great that you can let your stories compost while you do other things. :)

    G, I'll take pics tonight before I start priming the now-dry-and-sanded patches of spackle.

    Voice...argh, that's so frustrating. I hope your spelunking is successful.

    Carla, it does sometimes feel like that, doesn't it? That the rewrites can be more structural than cosemetic. I always want to think that my edits will come back with only a little touch up here or there necessary. Hasn't happened so far. :)

  11. Ya look cool dude, you better get ready (GRANDPWS COMM'IN) kind of scary anin't it. LOL