Thursday, August 13, 2009

Renovations and Edits

This week I am deep into the renovations on James's room. Yesterday was two coats of paint. My arms and hands are a bit sore today from the paint roller and all the wall that got painted that is higher than my head.

His dragon wallpaper border arrived yesterday as well, and I'm sooooo happy that it matches the curtains and bedspread so well. The pieces are all coming together for a great ending. I think James is going to love his room.

I'm also doing edits on Lily and the Lawman and on one sheets for some projects I want to pitch at the ACFW Conference next month. (Man, is that ticker clicking off the days!) I realized today that the renovations on the bedroom are much like the renovations to a novel.
  • The structure is there in the room, the walls, the windows, the closet, the light fixtures. And the structure is there in the novel, the characters, the setting, the plot.
  • The room needed organization and cleaning up, and some color and window treatments added. The novel needs organization and cleaning up for sure, and a deepening of the description and dialogue and some color.
  • With the novel, I'm hoping for an exciting payoff at the end, a pleasant surprise for James--one I hope he will be satisfied with. And with the novel, I'm hoping that a reader will be pleased with the payoff, the happily-ever-after they were anticipating, that they will be satisfied.
How about you? Are you doing any renovations? Are your edits about rebuilding from the ground up or about redecorating what you've got done already?


  1. You should def. take pics of James' room and post them on the blog. Sounds cool! I'm so tired these past two days, I haven't done any editing, writing, or restructuring....blah!

  2. I cleaned out and organized the pantry. I think I'm the only one excited about its makeover

  3. I'm doing the final accessorizing of my novel. Have fun decorating the room!

  4. Pictures, pictures!

  5. We painted last week all our kitchen cabinets and our new applicances arived on Monday. About time we have had the old ones for about 25 years, Everything looks so fresh and clean. I made some new curtains and embroidered on them with my embroidery machine and tied everything together. Wish I could do more but am getting to where my husband and I together can not do what I used to do in a day. Now I see my my older sister's houses use to be not as clean as they were when I was growing up they were all so much older that I and all are gone except 1 and she just turned 89. May God bless


  6. I'd love to see the room. I have two little boys and I am thinking about doing up there rooms. Pictures please :)

  7. I love revising/edits etc. Love them love them..often too much.

  8. Katie, I posted pictures of James's room on my Facebook account. :) I love how it turned out.

    CJ, I'm excited about the pantry. You're flying now!

    Jill, thanks! Are you re-reading looking for something in particular to spruce up, or a general accessorizing?

  9. Hey, Linda, get a Facebook page so you can see the pictures, or better yet, come by tomorrow and see it first hand. :)

    Edna, a new kitchen sounds great! And I hear you about slowing down. I am sore and stiff today.

    Tabitha, do you have a theme for the boys' room?

    Tina, I should spend more time on revisions than I do. I'm always anxious to get on to th enext project.