Thursday, August 06, 2009


Okay, so my latest kick is peaches. I'm eating them for breakfast and for snacks. Soooo yummy and juicy and full of flavor. Freestone peaches, ripe, golden and....I'm getting hungry for one even now.
Biting into a peach is like tasting summer.
Also, yesterday I ordered my bookmarks for The Bartered Bride. Great news, they should be ready from the publisher in time for the ACFW conference. I'm so excited. Each of these steps just bring the publication date that much closer.
Have I mentioned how much I love writing for Heartsong Presents? Everyone I've encountered there has been so supportive and nice.
So, what makes you think of summer? Do you have a food that makes you say, "Ah, summer!"


  1. Where I live summer is all about the seafood. Fresh fish, prawns (i think you call them shrimp) and other delights always say summer to me. And cherries. Hot Christmases and cherries. Ahhh... Australian summers :)

  2. Did you see all my FB comments yesterday about blueberries? I'm purple today! :) Next it will be Michigan apples. Then I'll be swimming in apple goodies. Michigan peaches are really good too, in fact I have a whole bunch ripening on my counter. Maybe I'll make a blueberry peach crisp. Wanna come for a visit? :)

    So, do most authors have to order their own bookmarks? And if so, where did you order them and how? And here's another related question. Are you planning to change your business card to reflect your newest book or do you keep your business card generic? Just wondering how it works for pubbed authors.

  3. Oh, Erica! You should have tasted the peaches my uncle brought from Colorado last week. It was like heaven in your mouth. The best peaches I've EVER had.

    Watermelon makes me say, ahhh, summer. My brother says it tastes like crunchy water, but I love it!

  4. Iced tea and ice cream say summer to me. Not a huge ice cream fan, but enjoy it now and then during the warm weather

  5. Mmm...watermelon and lemonade. Great summer stuff! Congratulations on the bookmarks. What fun!

  6. Summer food for me would be strawberries and sweet corn. My honey is all about the fresh tomatoes.

    Very cool about the bookmarks!

  7. I'm with CJ--ice cream!

  8. Tabitha, cherries sound wonderful, but I'm no fan of fish. I can't seem to get seafood down, no matter how it's prepared.

    Jody, I saw the blueberry buckle status update. I wanted to come over with a gallon of ice cream!

    The bookmarks are made available by the publisher. They have a set number (paid for by the publisher) that are available for the author to order for each new release, as well as other publicity materials like postcards.

    I'm not planning on changing my business cards at this time. I have only gotten one business card at the ACFW conference that had an author's cover art on it.

  9. Katie! Crunchy water? LOL My husband says tea tastes like dry water...he's always thirsty after he finishes tea.

    CJ, I love ice cream any time of year. Probably too much.

  10. Cindy, Lemonade is summer for sure. I had some at the county fair last week, real lemons, water, sugar...mmmmmm.

    Linda, we should have a strawberry pannekoeken soon, before they're off the menu.

    G- I had maple nut ice cream last night (what was I thinking when I'm supposed to be trying to lose weight?) but it was soooo yummy.

  11. I'd have to say a combination of tastes for me:
    the first BLT, served with fresh heavily buttered corn on the cob, a side of fresh cole slaw, with some sliced fresh peaches (Colorado are the best!) on homemade vanilla ice cream.

    Oh rats, I just drooled all over my keyboard!

  12. Kevin, is that what's for supper? I'll bring the ice cream!

    And a cloth for the keyboard. :D

  13. I want to go live with Tabitha! I love seafood, but we are landlocked, so I guess I'd have to say those yummy giant cherries that are only in season for a month or two. We've been feasting on a few every evening while we watch TV.

    Did you get your bookcover, Erica? Have I missed it?

  14. You haven't missed anything, Carla. The cover art is still in the works, but they'll print the bookmarks as soon as they get final approval on the cover. Hopefully that will be in time for the conference. :)