Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How Do I Love Thee?

From the back cover...
She dreams of love for others but never for herself...
Elizabeth Barret is a published poet--and a virtual prisoner in her own home. Blind family loyalty ties her to a tyrannical father who forbids any of his children to marry. Bedridden by chronic illness, she has resigned herself to simply existing. That is, until the letter arrives...
"I love your verses with all my heart," writes Rober Browning, and admiring fellow poet. As friendly correspondence gives way to something more, Elizabeth discovers that Robert's love is not for her poetry alone. Might God grant her more than mere existence? And will she risk defying her father in pursuit of true happiness?
Told in rich language, the story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of suffering, daring, longing, and tenderness. Nancy Moser's research and the depth of her characterization shine in How Do I Love Thee? Nobody does fictionalized biography better than Nancy Moser.
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  1. ooooh.... now I need to read it. Sounds very good.

  2. AH! So. Many. Good. Books. Not. Enough. Time. :) I keep reading all these great reviews. This is a good problem though. Too many good books is def. much better than too few!

    Thanks for the review, ERica. :)

  3. I was intrigued by this book the first time I heard about it. Sounds wonderful!

  4. Love the cover! And the book itself sounds terrific. I'm a sucker for books about real people.

    And yay! I see the countdown for your books is on your sidebar!! Hurray!