Thursday, August 27, 2009

Garden Day on the Blog

Today is Garden Day. My friend, Eileen, suggested that some folks join her today in posting photos of what's growing in their gardens. You can check out Eileen's fabulous garden HERE.

I know the first picture isn't of a garden, but it was too good to pass up. For some unknown reason, my husband got it into head that he wanted to make banana bread. So he did (with the help of both kids.)

I sent James outside with the camera to get flower pictures, and he exhibited his usual creative flair. I went out awhile later and took some other pictures.

Geraniums. I LOVE red geraniums, and since the front of my house faces due west, it gets a lot of hot sun in the afternoons. Geraniums seem to do well in the flower boxes. ( took this photo.

This is a Russian sage, and it's taking over the lower part of the garden. Beneath it's lavender blooms are some bell flowers, some lungwort, and lots of primrose (another garden thug). Another picture I took.

This cunning little flower is a vining black-eyed Susan. It didn't do as well as I'd hoped this year where I planted it, but it still blooms from time to time. Next year I'll try it in a different place and see what happens. Yep, this is one of the pics I took.

Not an unusual thing for James to find a bug or two while he's outside. He has a future as a naturalist, if the rock-shell-bird's nest-pine cone-whatever-else-he-finds-outside-that-interests-him collection I'm housing is any indication. And no, he doesn't get to keep the bugs. I have to draw the line somewhere. James's picture all the way.

My Black-eyed Susans are stunning this year. Love them! My picture.

The grass was wet. James has BIG feet. :D James's picture.

James took this picture. Red Leaf Maple in front of Green Ash. Kinda cool.
James snapped this one too. (Can you see why I had to go out and take some pictures of actual flowers?) The geese aren't an unusual sight here in Rochester where there are more geese than people. (And there are over 100K people.)
So, what's in your garden. And do pop over to Eileen's website to see her fabulous flowers. She'll show you how a garden is supposed to look!


  1. great pics. I love the black eyed susans. Beautiful. :)

  2. Hi, Erica!

    I dream of having a garden one day. Of course, I've never had one so I don't even know the level of work they require. Still, it's a dream!

  3. Fabulous pics! Your geraniums look so big and alive! I've never seen a vining black-eyed Susan. I must look to see if they grow here, the're beautiful.

    Thanks for joining the garden party, Erica! And I love the added photo's too--adds a special, personal touch for sure!

  4. Erica, every time I come by your blog I get this homey feeling and a smile on my face. I love your kitchen! I was eyeballing the cabinets, wondering how much I could fit in them. And your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My garden is full of weeds.

  6. I love banana bread! Mmmm. You have an adorable family :)

  7. Fun pics! I love Black-eyed Susans, they're so cheerful!

  8. Fun to find someone close. My husband went to RIT. Your Russian sage looks great.... mine got slightly mowed down this year, but I am hoping for a boom nextyear!

  9. Great pics! I have the opposite of a green thumb...what's opposite green on the color spectrum? Red? I have a red thumb. so I admire people who can grow things and not kill them. :)

  10. Your flowers look terrific. My favorite is the black eyed susan. And I love James' idea of garden pictures, he's such a boy :o)

  11. I like your flowers. May I use the photos and pretend they are mine?


    I used to have stuff that functioned well even with neglect, peonies, iris, lilacs..but I moved. Sigh. Time to start over.

  12. I love your flowers. Wish I had some of that banana bread. Of course, by now it's gone. :) Wish I ha some of your flowers too.

  13. I can't take too much credit for the garden. I plant perennials that will take over. My strategy is to cram so many perennials into the garden that there isn't room for weeds.

    Also, the pictures I took were strategic so you wouldn't see how dismal my potted plants are this year. They're looking kind of stressed.

    Jill, the husband designed it. We own a family lumber business with lots of cabinet shops as customers. I wish I was a good enough cook to justify it, but I'm no Betty Crocker. :)

  14. Jess and G, the banana bread is gone, but I'm sending you a cyber-slice. :D

    Tina, feel free. My garden is loaded with things that take little or no care. It's my favorite kind of gardening.