Monday, August 03, 2009

Galley Proofs

This last week I received my first set of Galley Proofs. This is a PDF file of the layout of The Bartered Bride. How thrilling to see the title page with my name under the title. To see the little hearts tipped sideways that denote a scene break. And the dedication and author note and the author bio.

Guess what noise I made? It sounded something like:


Undignified, I know, but straight from the heart.

My job was to read for tiny errors that had slipped through the cracks in previous edits. This is the last chance to catch things before it goes to print.

And I found some.

I made note of them on the Galley Changes sheet and then submitted that sheet to the publisher.

The next step for me is to see some cover art, which I've been told will show up in a few weeks. I can't wait to see it.

But in the meantime, there are other things to keep me busy, like proposals.

How about you? What's keeping you busy these days?


  1. How exciting! Congrats! I wish I had such interesting book related things keeping me busy, but, alas...
    Keeping up with my son's keeps me plenty busy. Trying to track down my son's sweater, lunch box and reading book are other things that take up more of my time than they should. Never mind...they eventually grow up...right?

  2. So that's what galley proofs are! I imagine it must be so fun to be getting this close to your book being done!

    I'm tentatively starting the research and plotting of another book. It's still in proposal stage and I haven't got the green light to go ahead. But I can't NOT write, so I'm starting a story that I would love to write and even if it doesn't end up being my next one, I'll write it at some point.

  3. Very exciting! Squeeee! Back atcha. Me busy Wish I could say it was work, seems to be appts for everyone and not my own work

  4. So exciting Erica!! My fourth book is keeping me busy...and getting back into school mode. It's been hard focusing on writing knowing I have to get ready for the school year.

    Can't wait to see your cover!!!

  5. THis sounds so exciting, Erica! Congratulations!

    Me, I'm do that scary synopsis writing. That's what I'm up to.

  6. Woohoo!!! I can't wait to see your cover, and actually, I can't wait to hold your book in my lil' hands. Exciting times :D

  7. So, so, so exciting! Congratulations! And cover art soon--that's going to be so much fun.

    Same things keeping me busy these days ;) Editing, writing and planning marketing.

  8. Tabitha, there's nothing so exciting or exhausting as keeping up with kidlets, is there?

    Jody, researching and plotting...scary and yet, that's the stage at which the project's still perfect, still possible, fresh, new, and exciting. Enjoy!

    CJ, I'll expect a whine and cheeze post after today's appts. :)

    Katie, your summer has gone by much too fast!

    Eileen, I feel your pain. Synopses are the WORST. But it feels so good when you're done!

    Georgiana and Cindy, You'll probably hear the squeals when the cover art comes. :)

  9. YAY! Congrats. How fun! =)

    I'm working on a new series proposal, my first. My previous contracts have all been single books, even though I have a sequel to my first with LI, it wasn't planned that way - they asked me to do it after contracting Return to Love. So this is new ground for me! I'm excited though =)

  10. How exciting!!!!!!!!! Congrats! I'm still in the early part of the process here...just starting my edits with my editor! CANNOT wait to get to see cover art and all that fun stuff!!!!

  11. Erica, how exciting!! I know you must feel a thrill at every new step on your way to holding the book - your book - in your hands.

    What am I doing? Just finished a contracted mss. which isn't due until Jan. It's off to a critter. Letting some new ideas take root and planning for the ACFW conference - Yay! 45 days I just saw on your blog calendar countdown.

  12. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Congratulations on your new book. I hope I get to read it one day. BTW, love your hair longer. It looks great.


  13. Ooo! Yes! How exciting! I'm so glad you have a fun project to work on. Can't wait to see the final project!

  14. Squeeee somehow seems appropriate and I join you!!

  15. Betsy, series are a whole different ballgame, aren't they? I'm finding how hard it is to weave commonalities into the books while making sure each one can stand alone.

    Stephanie, welcome to OTWP! Congrats on working through your edits with your editor.

    Carla! Big congrats on finishing your book so quickly! I can't wait to hold your books in my hot little hands. :)

    Joyce, thank you. The Bartered Bride is available for pre-order at Search under my name.

    Jill and Linda, thanks for being excited with me. It's so much more fun to share good times with friends. :)