Friday, August 21, 2009

The Friday Five

Okay, so the big news in the North Star State is the signing of Brett Favre to a two year contract by the Vikings. Can we all say Yay? And I'm really looking forward to the preseason game we're supposed to have tickets for in a couple of weeks?
In keeping with the team's tradition, when Brett arrived at the Viking's practice, the coach, Brad Childress, had the new guy on the team tell where he was from and something unique about himself. Brett said he was from Mississippi, and that he was the only player on the roster born in the 1960's. Hmm...Brett and I are the same age. Makes you think, don't it? Soooo.....
This Friday's Five is
Things that have changed in my life since Brett Favre came into the NFL in 1991
1. I have had two children. That's a life-changer!
2. I was a general contractor on a house.
3. I moved to Minnesota from Missouri.
4. I taught high school history.
5. I started writing fiction.
How about you? What milestones have you passed during Brett's career?


  1. LOL!!! LOVE your Friday five! Well, I guess my biggest change is gaining a hubby during BF's career. Hubby was SOOO excited because he's always wanted to like Brett but didn't feel he could, for obvious reasons. This truly is the best of both worlds....

  2. Okay, I'm sorry to be Debbie Downer, but Brett is on my nerves. Hello? When will he announce his retirement and actually retire? I used to be a big fan, but I think it's kind of jerky to move to his career rival.

    I'm sticking with the Manning boys. And, feel for me, the Lions. They need a break!

  3. Great Friday Five, as always.

    My milestones since 1991:
    1) Moved from suburbian Dallas to a farm in an isolated region of Oklahoma - then to the city of Tulsa.
    2) Became an empty nester.
    3) Went through menopause (YES, it does change your life).
    4) Taught nursing at a small college for 3 1/2 years.
    5) Became a writer.

  4. 1 organized and presented a youth rally on Sex has a Price Tag
    2 Son went off to college in AZ
    3 Worked part-time under a home rep for US Chamber of Commerce
    4 Had three back surgeries, with lingering issues unfortunately
    Now able to walk since said back surgeries!!! YAAAYYYY!
    5 Become a reviewer of books.

  5. Very fun, Erica. Let's see.

    1. I got married!
    2. Had three kids!!!
    3. Moved from Illinois to KC area, back to Illinois, then back to KC area.
    4. Started my own editing business.
    5. Diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease.

    Most of it seems routine, but when it happens to you, none of it is routine!

  6. You were a general contractor? That's cool! Oh boy, milestones since 1991? I started writing fiction the following year, graduated high school, met the hubby and got married, had one daughter, bought a house, starting writing CHRISTIAN fiction, had another daughter, got a publishing contract. So fun, I love your Friday Fives!

  7. Like it! :)
    Okay, my five...
    1. I finished highschool
    2. I got married
    3. I lived in HK and USA
    4. We bought a dog
    5. We had to kids

    Pretty much in that order!

    I'd say I've done a little bit since that dude starting throwing around footies :)

  8. 1: Moved from Ferriday to Alexandria
    2: Lost my grandfather
    3: Bought my first cat
    4: Graduated high school
    5: Got married!

  9. Oh wow! 1991. I was in third grade. So lots has changed.

    I graduated (high school and college)

    I got married.

    I started teaching.

    I started writing novels.

    I had a baby!

  10. Who's Brett Favre?(-;

  11. Oh, my, I've had three children. Quit my day job as a systems analyst, and welcomed five new neices and nephews into my world.