Friday, August 07, 2009

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:
More Numbers.
1. The number of bookmarks I ordered this week: 500
2. The number of pounds I've lost in the last three weeks: 6
3. The times I've wanted to gorge myself on ice cream this last week: about a zillion.
4. The number of proposals I've worked on this week: 4!
5. The number of albums on my Mp3 player: 14 at the moment, plus ACFW workshops.
How about you? What's on your iPod?


  1. Pink is on my ipod. She is always on my ipod :)
    I managed to get tow kid in bed and one husband fed tonight. I like those numbers too :)

  2. sorry, I meant two, not tow..

  3. I don't have an ipod yet! My 12 y.o. knows more about ipod technology than I could ever hope to learn! So when I branch out, I'll thankfully have someone to guide me! Isn't it great to have such smart kids? :)

  4. I don't have an iPod either, Jody, you're not alone. I'm not a huge music person. I like the radio. :)

    And I've also felt like gorging on ice cream about a million times. Why does it have to be so good???

  5. My iPod is 160GB!!! So that means I now have about one year's worth of listening: songs, sermons, audiobooks. Country music, rock music, pop music, classical music. Sermons from lots of my favorite pastors and some to challenge my thinking/preaching. Audiobooks of a variety of sorts ( offers a free book every month with free registration to their site; this month's freebie? Dante's Divine Comedy. Now there's some hilarious reading!) Sad part is, I'll only get to listen to it about 2-3 hours each week. I've found that people seem to get a little put off if I listen while I'm doing counseling.

  6. So far I've read posts about milkshake and ice cream this morning--and I've only been up for an hour. Very strange. But yummy!

    Four proposals! Wow, good job. Have a great weekend and get in a little relax time!

  7. The soundtrack to Battlestar Galactica Season 3 is on my iPod. Also, "I Should Be Writing" podcasts.

    My iPod is seriously the best thing EVER, and my 2-year-old knows how to use it to watch Sesame Street videos and look at family photos. I have a series of little zip bags to hide it from her now...

    Number of promotional postcards I ordered last week: 100, FREE from VistaPrint! I also got 250 free business cards.

    Mmmmm... ice cream...

  8. I feel like a dinosaur. I don't have an iPod

  9. I don't have an ipod, but at least I have a phone :o)