Friday, August 14, 2009

The Friday Five - Heather!

This week's Friday Five stars my daughter Heather.
Five things Heather is afraid of.
1. Heights. Just looking at a picture of the Royal Gorge bridge gives her the heebie-jeebies.
2. Snakes. That's my girl!
3. Failure. Heather is a perfectionist and a firstborn. She does NOT want to fail, or even do anything kinda good. She wants to succeed.
4. Morning. She must be afraid of the a.m. because she hides from it as much as possible.
5. Refrigerated Biscuit Tubes. Those pop'n'fresh rolls. She HATES opening those. You can never tell if they will POP open before you're ready or if you'll really have to lean into it with the spoon before it gives a little pop.
And a bonus...the thing Heather is MOST afraid of? Needles.
Thanks, Heather, for giving me the Friday Five.
So? What are you afraid of?


  1. What a fun (and scary) Friday Five. :) I am afraid of: spiders, bees/wasps, and regret.

  2. I don't like those pop out biscuit cans either! I cringe as I insert the spoon every time! And what am I afraid of? I'm afraid of blood. Whenever one of my children get's hurt, I send them directly to my hubby and then I run and hide. :)

  3. I am SO with her on mornings!

    Although I really like the biscuit tubes. My heart always pumps waiting for the POP. It's like a grand adventure (especially when you have to actually get out a knife to make it explode...)


  5. I'm afraid of snakes too!!! But I'm with number one fear is spiders. I have done my duty and passed my phobia along to my kids....

  6. Great list, Heather! But I like the biscuit tubes... and those biscuits. :) I'm afraid of heights, needles, pain of any kind, spiders, snakes, big black bugs, dentists' drills, car wrecks, other people's driving, failure, success, ear aches... I could go on and on, but I see you're getting a little concerned. :-)

  7. Okay, now I'm hungry for biscuits! And I'm afraid of snakes too!

  8. In my family those are known as whop biscuits, from back in the day when you had to "whop" the can against the counter to open it. But I don't like eating them. I prefer to make them from scratch. They're better that way!

    I'm afraid of anything that stings. Mostly because I'm actually allergic to things that sting, though not bad enough to need an Epi-Pen. That's my big one.

  9. Hey Heather I just have grandma open them, It's more fun to watch.

    Are you ready for GRANDPA!!!!!

  10. Fear of Heights. I'm with Heather - the whole stomach floating up, butterflies flapping. And mornings - definitely don't like those.

    Needles? I'm a nurse. I like to use them and am not afraid of them. Have even drawn blood from my own hubby at home for fasting blood work.

    Fears are fascinating - make terrific character traits.