Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day

It's time! Time to start school again.
New books, new subjects, sharp pencils, empty notebooks.
Pre-Algebra, American History, Health, Grammar...
Today is the first day of the school year for us. Which means that writing has another thing to balance with. But with my kids getting older, the workload shifts more to them and off of me. More autonomy, more responsibility for them to get their homework finished and lessons completed. My job is guidance and checking.
So, school in the mornings, writing in the afternoons, bookkeeping when I can squeeze it in. Mostly in the mornings between lessons.
The challenge will be to get everything done and still be sane at the end of the day.
How about you? What challenge are you facing regarding your writing?


  1. I'm the first to post today? It's like finding the treasure in the cereal box!!!

    We're starting school today too! But for us it's intensive one on one. Thankfully we only will do a few hours a day since the kidlets are...well....kidlets.

  2. Time, always time. My writing time is cut in half during the summer, but I love summer, so it's a catch-22!

  3. So you are still posting! Your post didn't show up in my dashboard AT ALL! Blogger is still trying to mess with my mind!

    Since I live in Michgian where the law is that public schools can't start until after Labor Day, I figured the law must apply to homeschooling too! ;) No seriously, I need as long of a summer as possible! So we're not gearing up to start until after Labor Day. Then it will be much tougher to find the time to blog and comment. That will be the thing I have to cut back on! But for now, in the last few weeks of summer, I'll enjoy every spare moment of free time I have!

  4. Happy schooling and getting into a routine again. It's so hot here now that I couldn't imagine starting school just yet.

  5. Fingers in ears. Singing lalalalalalalalala. We just got some decent weather, I'm not ready to think about back to school. Fortunately for me, it's late here compared to the Land of Here There Be Dragons. Dorm move in day for the Eldest is 8/30. The Young One's first day of school is 9/4

  6. My struggle is the same as yours! Time! Trying to squeeze it all in! Right now, I'm sort of in a rut. Don't know what to do with my current WIP.

  7. Still just a time issue--I edit during the Hyper Diaper's nap. Our kiddos are back in their Christian school. The Hyper Diaper is a little lost in the mornings without them. I'm sure he'll get used to it in a while.