Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Talk about the Weather

Okay, let's talk about the weather. What's it like where you are?

I realized while I was writing on Monday, that in my storyworld, the weather had been pleasant and sunny every day.


So I cooked up a storm to add to the conflict. It's so easy to forget about the weather when writing. It's one of those things I have to go back in and mention/layer/use when I edit.

So, what's the weather like in your WIP?


  1. It is SO easy to forget about the weather, isn't it?! I do try to vary it, IF I need to mention it at all. A lot of times there's really no need for saying anything and readers can draw their own conclusions.

    Sometimes, I'll add rain or a storm or something that helps reflect the character's mood. Then I have doubled my reason for bringing it up, setting detail as well as character tension.

  2. It's been dreary, sunny, and humid as all heck. I think it's time for a thunderstorm to break the humidity.

  3. Lol, I was planning on doing a post on this topic :D Right now in my manuscript it's sunny but a little breezy--late spring.

  4. reat reminder! I have to pay aatention to the weather in my wip b/c my hero's a farmer. :) Storms are fun!

  5. In my wip-that-shall-be-oneday-written, it's snowing and the hero and heroine are trapped.

  6. Pleasant, sunny, but dry. We need rain. It keeps going around us. That's right now, check back in a couple of hours and it may change. MN--land of 10,000 changes of weather within a whim! Also the land of 10,000+ lakes.

  7. I love using the weather to subtext and set the mood for the book, but I worry about doing it so much that it becomes cliche.

    Not sure how to avoid that.

    Carmen, where in MN are you? That description of the weather is sure accurate for SE MN.

  8. How funny! I DO forget the weather in my WIP. Trying to think if I have a storm... NOPE. No rain either. I'm SO gonna have to fix that.

    I guess I could always make it a drought or something, *grin*

    Here in TN at the moment it's storming. Kiddos aren't happy about the thunder as they try to go to sleep. Mommy isn't either as I try to get them to stay in bed!