Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer field trips

This past week, my kids and I and my pastor's two youngest took a little summer field trip to Wisconsin. We went to the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum and the Chippewa Valley Historical Museum.
We had a blast! Joking about cheese, and Brett Favre, and going the wrong way to get off an island.
Highlights included mugging as Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe, and dressing up as nurses, aviators, and crossing guards. We learned about logging camps, log jams, and traveling dandruff. (ICK!)
On the way home we stopped at LARK toys in Kellogg, MN. Here we had ice cream, rode the carousel, looked at a bazillion toys, games, and puzzles, then played a round of mini-golf. (Where I came in second!)
I love going to small museums in out of the way places. I love local history, and I love introducing my kids (and their friends) to the cool things of the past all around us. I also love it when a group of teens finds out that they're not too cool to have a good time. :)
The picture is of Jonathan, James, Heather, and Elizabeth, great kids all, dancing (boogeying) to some polka music in the Chippewa Valley Museum.
So, what's in your backyard? A local attraction? Something silly and fun? A place to make great memories?


  1. Sounds like a heap of fun!

  2. One of the places I love is the Higgins Armory. On the second floor is a touch room. Though geared to 6 yr olds, even adults can get into the act: trying on helmets, dressing up, sitting on a throne, and making crayon rubbings of funerary images of knights

  3. My family and I just went to Hartwick State Park and Lumber Museum a bit north of us. We had a blast and in the process I got to do some research! I'm planning a few other trips too that can double as researcha and family fun!

  4. What a great time! I need to take time to do just fun stuff. Two weeks and counting until our vacation in which I'll do just that--seek out fun places to visit and live in the moment at.

  5. Oh! That sounds like SO much fun!! What a great weekend. Hope you're feeling rejuvinated. :)

  6. What a cute picture! SOunds like you had a lot of fun. We have the Grand Canyon in our backyard, but it's one of those places you never actually visit. And we have Sedona, which is cool for hanging out if you're feeling artsy. Lots of Native American ruins (Montezuma Castle, etc), and there's the Petrified forest, and the dinosaur tracks, and....and...

    Sadly, we never go anywhere.

  7. Sounds like a fun trip. Glad you guys had a good time!

  8. What a fun trip!

    One of our favorite "spots" in Tulsa is the Oklahoma Aquarium. It's only been here a few years, but is an incredible place. Interactive things for kids to do, like petting stingrays and feeding the turtles. Love it!

  9. Hi, Tabitha, welcome to OTWP!

    CJ...put that place on our list of places to go when I visit.

    Jody, I love combining family trips and research. I'll be doing research on the way to and from the ACFW Conference.

    Eileen, I think that's one of the best things about vacations...a chance to live in the moment for awhile.

  10. Katie, I had a great weekend. And I'm already planning the next little getaway. :)

    Georgiana - I think it is hardest to get away to the neat places in your own back yard. I lived here in Rochester for YEARS before I toured Mayowood Mansion.

    Cindy - I'm glad you're back from unplugged week, and YOWZA, what a lot of words you typed!

    Carla - I love aquariums. There's something so cool and peaceful, exotic and other-worldish about sea creatures.

  11. I love museums, too! Let's see, I live in General Custer's hometown, so we have a statue of him, a museum with interesting tidbits, and I drive by his house almost every day. Woo-hoo!

  12. Jill, I grew up not too far from Ft. Riley, Kansas, where Custer was stationed after the Civil War. I've toured his house there, and will be heading back that way in September.

  13. Aren't they just the cutest things? Can we take one home?